Customer Database

Get a quick overview of your customer data

webCRM provides you with the perfect overview of your customer database, so you will always be well prepared when you need to contact new or existing customers. You will avoid duplication in the sales department and get more satisfied customers into the bargain.

Generate an overview of your customer database

For a sales team it is vital to have a highly efficient customer database. That means you will always have the correct information about a customer at your fingertips. webCRM makes sure your customer data is always up to date and accurate. 

Sales staff will be well prepared for any discussion with a customer, and customers will leave the meeting or put down the phone feeling they had a positive experience. This enhances not only your chances of a sale, but also customer satisfaction

All customer data is compiled in a single location

The greatest benefit of a CRM system for your sales team is that they can collect all relevant customer data in a single place. That means it is always easy for sales staff to access the customer database and quickly locate the latest information about a customer or customer group.

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Import your existing customer database to webCRM and get started

webCRM will get you off to a great start with CRM – it requires neither installation nor IT experts. If you have your customer or prospect data in spreadsheets, you can upload them to webCRM, instantly optimising your customer database.

Before you import your data, we advise you to review it thoroughly. Make sure it is consistent and up to date, and that all the spelling is correct. That will prevent any hassle after the import.

Get help with importing your customer database

If you are not feeling brave enough to import your customer data by yourself, if your data is particularly complex or if your data does not match the predefined categories in webCRM, do not worry. Our CRM consultants are here to help you. They are experts at making the process quick and accurate, so you can concentrate on providing good data.

Did you know…

… that the most frequent reason for customers changing providers is that they feel the company is indifferent to them?

An up-to-date customer database enhances customer satisfaction

When your sales and customer service staff have easy access to up-to-date customer data in the customer database in the CRM system, they can quickly detect what is relevant and important for customers and provide them with the best possible help. The result will be customers who are more satisfied and will remain with you longer.

„We don’t step on each other’s toes, thereby making better use of our own resources.“

The CRM system organises all the important information about our clients and business partners. Instead of the information being located in a separate silo or in the grey matter of an individual member of staff, as used to be the case, it’s now accessible to everyone. Now they can quickly and easily follow the contact and activities for each and every member. On one hand, that means we don’t step on each other’s toes, thereby making better use of our own resources. On the other hand, it means we can provide better customer service.

Bjørn Borre, The Danish ITC Industry Association
From silos to a common customer database in the Danish ICT Industry Association (IT-Branchen)

Get more out of your customer information with webCRM

webCRM gives you a CRM system created by highly experienced sales staffers: in other words, a solution, in which all features are designed for the day-to-day activities of any sales team. It is easy to customise the system and avoid any surplus categories or unnecessary features.

webCRM will help your sales team with all their practical tasks, which means you will not have to. webCRM can keep track of the day’s tasks, remember follow-ups, combine call lists and lots more. So, we are more than confident that our CRM system is the right choice for your sales team.

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Keep the entire sales team up to date simultaneously

Once you have registered all your customer information in the webCRM customer database, you will only ever have to update the information in one place. That means that everyone can access the customers’ data at the same time. This makes sharing information easy, whether contact information, deadlines, meetings, contracts, long-term activities or final sales.

The activity log optimises customer communication

The webCRM activity log enables all members of the sales team to keep notes of discussions they had with customers and what they talked about. That means you can avoid unnecessary duplication, ensuring that two salespersons do not contact the same customer shortly after one another for the same purpose.

You can also be certain you will be talking to a customer about the most recent decisions and the latest developments in a case. So, customers can leave each and every meeting or put down the phone having had a positive experience. This helps build strong customer relations.

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Multiple options with a webCRM customer database 

webCRM is far more than just an electronic customer database. The CRM system will also provide you with numerous options that will make it even easier to get hold of the right customers.

  • Call or text a customer straight from the customer record
    For example, webCRM enables you, with just a single click, to send a text message or call customers via IP telephony directly by means of the customer record. We can easily integrate most IP phone systems with webCRM. That provides your sales team with a huge number of advantages.

    You can send a text message to an individual customer or to an entire segment of recipients, who might benefit from the same information or message.

  • Instantly locate relevant customer data the moment a customer calls
    When a customer calls, webCRM instantly recognises the phone number from the customer database. That means that with just a single click you can have the customer record ready on the screen. You will be instantly up to date regarding the customer’s case.
  • Keep track of relationships across customer records
    webCRM enables you to record personal relationships across customer records in the customer database. If a lead already knows your company or one of your colleagues, this definitely ought to be registered in the customer record in the customer database, so your sales team can keep track of all relationships. That is where webCRM can help. It may also be relevant for your sales team to have information about customers’ networks in the customer database: for example, if a customer is a board member of several companies.

In other words, webCRM enables you to make full use of the wealth of information in your customer database. That is a vital element of excellent sales work.

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