Automation Module

Grow Faster with webCRM's Automation Module

Efficiency is key to maintaining a competitive position in the market. Yet, manual tasks and missteps inevitably slow down operations, hindering agility and growth. Automation offers a solution. 

With webCRM's Automation Module, businesses can streamline their operations, increase precision, and overcome inefficiencies to create stronger customer relationships and scale faster.

Streamline how you work and stay agile

Our Automation Module offers a range of easy automation features designed to simplify tasks and enhance workflow efficiency — always customisable to meet your needs. From capturing and converting leads to reminders, follow-ups, and relationship nurturing, we’ll help free up your time and make sure you never miss a meaningful connection.

Time-based Automation Module

Stay on top of every task with time-based automations. Set up automatic workflows triggered by dates, such as activity deadlines or when you create and update entities, ensuring prompt completion of tasks like follow-ups or deadline reminders.

  • Nurture your relations: Create an activity for all new organisations, so you never forget to reach out and initiate the conversation.
  • Reminders: Send internal or external mail reminders to push for action after a certain period of passiveness, delay a couple of days, and resend the mail if no actions have been made.

Manual triggers

Empower your teamwork with manual triggers, enabling workflow activation at the push of a button. Choose which workflows to activate based on specific needs so only relevant actions are triggered.  

Workflows can be automatically assigned to the correct colleague, followed by a notification and a log description to create seamless collaboration across departments.

  • Ensure data accuracy: Automatically populate data and tags, and assign responsibilities based on organisation type.
  • Identify opportunities: Spot an opportunity outside of sales? Initiate a sales flow to the correct account manager and send an email notification with relevant details.  
  • Convert leads: Send emails with forms to facilitate accurate data entry by the customers themselves.

Entity Event Automation

Start flows based on specific events, allowing for real-time reactions. This automation method helps guarantee swift responses to events as they occur, adapting to various circumstances.  

  • Automate recurring events: Schedule flows for sales renegotiations with timely action deadlines.
  • Respond to behaviour: Generate activities for follow-ups or in response to lost opportunities.

Scheduled Automation

Free up your time for other priorities and minimise errors by scheduling routine tasks to run at convenient times.

  • Send weekly mail reports: Provide stakeholders, including externals, limited data access with scheduled reports from webCRM.

Email Event

Stay responsive to email interactions in webCRM. You can set up automatic activity creation or updates whenever a recipient clicks on a link in a newsletter, so you always follow-up at the right time with informed sales approaches.

Respond promptly to interests: For newsletter recipients, generate activity based on clicked links.  

Stay competitive with webCRM’s Automation Module

Automation goes beyond convenience — it's a strategic imperative for modern businesses looking to stay competitive.  

Don’t let time-consuming tasks and workflow inefficiencies hold you back. webCRM's comprehensive suite of automation features empowers businesses with the tools they need to streamline and optimise their processes, drive productivity, and grow smarter — keeping them steps ahead.

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