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Empower your sales team to keep their focus on what they do best — building great customer relationships. With a complete overview of each customer and simple-to-use workflow automation, more teams are hitting their quotas with webCRM.


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Level up your business from one place.  

All the tools you need in one modern, flexible solution. 

Get to know your customers better.

Analyse the past, present, and future of your company’s interactions with each customer. Build segments based on clear insights, uncover new opportunities, and engage with confidence. 

Automate your repetitive tasks.

Streamline your processes and boost efficiency by automating your daily tasks. The automation tool frees up your time, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to create a meaningful connection. 

Integrate your favourite apps.

Seamlessly connect the tools you use daily with webCRM. With all your core processes running from one location, your teams can stay fully aligned to each customer. 

See how we make your workday easier.

From sales to marketing and customer support — webCRM acts as your personal assistant, gathering key customer insights across your channels to help you make the most impact, fast.

  • We support your sales process from start to finish. Reach and qualify more leads across your channels, target emails with precision, know when to follow up, and turn insights into increased sales. 

    • Move faster with polished, ready-to-use templates.
    • Track email opens and clicks in real-time.
    • Build beautiful website forms in seconds.
    • Monitor website traffic to capture more leads.
    • Look up new leads in market database. 
  • Keep clear track of every opportunity and never miss a winning connection. With your entire sales process and customer context organised in webCRM, we make it easy to manage your activities and close more deals.

    • Keep a visual of your projected growth and budgets.
    • Build multiple pipelines to track your opportunities.
    • Pull data from your existing finance (ERP) system.
    • Use eSignature for any document in webCRM.
    • Use the product database and product lines to put opportunities together.
    • Simplify your order and delivery management. 
  • Keep engagement going across the entire customer lifecycle — retain and grow your customer base. Gain the tools you need to handle requests with ease and get actionable knowledge about each case in progress.

    • Integrate support and see all cases through.
    • Manage events and questionnaires from start to finish.
    • Send personalised emails with shared customer data.
    • Gain full overview with task management. 
  • Build custom, drag-and-drop dashboards to visualise your data, uncover new opportunities, and create shareable reports with ease. Having all your customer and sales data in one place ensures you’ll make more informed, big-picture decisions that drive growth.

    •  Analyse data and produce quick reports.
    • Integrate your current systems with the REST API.
    • Use graphs and dashboards to visualise results.
    • Create and customise fields to your needs. 

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“webCRM had been a great tool for us over the years. It's very adaptable... Each year new things keep getting added which makes the usability easier each time.” 

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