webCRM for Consulting & Accounting

webCRM empowers professional services firms to streamline every project, enhance collaboration, and maintain full control over their client relationships.

  • Web-based platform.
  • Powerful open API.
  • Customise your solution.

We’re already helping increase sales in your industry. 

“webCRM had been a great tool for us over the years. It's very adaptable... Each year new things keep getting added which makes the usability easier each time.”

MC via Trustpilot

Enable your data to exceed client expectations with webCRM for professional services companies.

How does CRM help accountants?

An accounting CRM streamlines client management, allowing accounting firms to track interactions, manage projects, and forecast revenue with less effort.

And with automated and organised processes and insightful analytics, CRM for accounting optimises efficiency, enhances client relationships, and drives business growth. 


How does CRM help consultants?

CRM for consulting firms equips consultants with key features like automation, task management, and a 360-degree client view to improve operations and lower costs, while helping them deliver more value.

Consulting firms can leverage its collaborative tools and analytics to refine strategies, nurture lasting client partnerships, and drive transformative outcomes. 


Build trust — maintain lasting client relationships.

With all client and project info in one place, you can nurture long-lasting relationships, from lead to deal, onboarding, and beyond.

  • Use the internal log to store vital information, maintain a shared email channel and ticket system, and centralise documents for a comprehensive view of client interactions.  
  • Harness CRM insights to create personalised experiences that build trust and position your firm as the go-to. 

Streamline your processes. 

Gain a complete overview of your activities in webCRM to manage your projects with less effort.

  • Simplify invoice and billing management and connect webCRM with the most popular ERP systems.
  • Use e-signatures for any document to get paid faster.
  • Customise your workflows, link activities, and tag colleagues on project updates to keep your team moving in sync. 

Over 2,000 companies are growing their business with webCRM.

Stay on top of every need.

Go the extra mile to wow clients, without the overtime. Drive your firm’s efficiency and collaboration with automation.

  • Automate task reminders and contact data entry in webCRM to up your speed and reduce human error.
  • The platform also helps you automatically update a company’s priority status based on project size for more strategic resource allocation. 

Visualise and present your data with ease.

We know you’re busy. That's why we make it easy to find what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it, so you can make quick, confident decisions.

  • Build project-specific KPI overviews to uncover actionable insights.
  • Import and export your data in a few clicks.
  • Create shareable reports for emails and meetings.  

A modern, flexible CRM designed to meet your needs.

Do even more with customisations and seamless integrations. webCRM is built to adapt your processes and the unique needs of your industry.