Order Management

Get an overview of your orders

It should always be easy to have access to a full overview of the state of a particular order or customer so that sales, marketing and administration in your company can work targeted and systematically. Once you have all the important information about current orders and customers in one place, it becomes easier for your company to have efficient order management and to maintain an overview. And you can get that with webCRM.

If you choose webCRM as your new CRM system, you get a system where you avoid unnecessary duplication.

webCRM is in fact designed to create close collaboration with, among others, your current accounting system - it can be e-conomic, C5 or NAV, or market databases such as Bisnode. It gives you access to all relevant information about customers and orders in the same place, so you do not need to jump between different programs. This means that you can avoid unnecessary and time-consuming duplication, while more easily maintaining an overview. This makes it easier for your company to have good order management, so you always have the right items in stock, have an overview of payments, and you can look for new customers and much more.



It makes it easy to create targeted offers

webCRM gives you more tools that make it easy for your sales team to put together the correct offer. Firstly, with webCRM you can utilise data from your current financial management system (ERP). When the sales team have to create new quotations and offers, it can be done with fully updated data from your financial management system, where you can see the right prices, standard discounts and calculate currency. You can also keep updated on your stock with webCRM, so you are sure that the order can be delivered on time. At the same time, it will also be updated in the customer files when invoices are sent. This means that you can follow an order from start to finish and keep a tight rein on the various stages, allowing good task management.

As well as letting you integrate your company’s financial management system, webCRM offers a product database which can be synchronised with the information from the system so all the information about your products and services can be gathered. It allows your sales team to know every detail, whether it’s products or services your company offers. The product database in webCRM makes it easy to create new quotations, and at the same time information about previous sales can provide a solid basis for additional sales, so the right call list can be prepared.



If your company sells products to customers in different countries, and must consequently take into account different currencies, webCRM can do the work for you, so you do not have to worry about currency calculations and avoid unnecessary complications. 

At webCRM we have integrated currency features into all functions. If you have salespeople working abroad, webCRM can also be configured to more than 10 different languages. Therefore, it has never been easier to expand business while keeping track of sales, customers and marketing.

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