webCRM for ICT & Software

Boost operational efficiency and build customer loyalty in webCRM, so you can innovate and grow faster.

  • Web-based platform.
  • Powerful open API.
  • Customise your solution.

We’re already helping increase sales in your industry. 

“webCRM had been a great tool for us over the years. It's very adaptable... Each year new things keep getting added which makes the usability easier each time.”

MC via Trustpilot

Convert more customers and drive growth with webCRM for technology companies.

How does CRM help ICT and software businesses?

CRM) simplifies the way ICT & software companies operate. By automating tasks, optimising workflows, and improving the overall customer journey, an ICT CRM like webCRM serves as a foundational element in simplifying day-to-day operations and building customer loyalty.


Get to know your customers and sell smarter.

Get more sales — and turn them into loyal fans with all your customer details in one place. 

  • From the first conversation to order management, invoicing, and subscription renewal, track every interaction in webCRM and always know when to act.  
  • Predict future sales and keep track of budget targets with the Pipeline feature.

Get organised — increase your efficiency.

With all your processes organised in one place, we make it easy to move fast, collaborate better, and grow your revenue.

  • Gain a holistic view of all your business’ relationship data: from customers to consultants, supply chain contacts, and beyond.
  • Create drag-and-drop automation workflows.
  • Customise fields to build your processes how you prefer. 

Over 2,000 companies are growing their business with webCRM.

Engage with precision — build customer loyalty.

We’ll help you exceed expectations throughout the entire customer journey. With all your data in one place, you can keep your teams in sync from lead generation all the way to support.

  • Our customisable, drag-and-drop templates ensure every message looks polished — just how you like it.
  • Boost engagement by targeting your emails and newsletters with the segmentation tool. 

A modern, flexible CRM designed to meet your needs.

Do even more with customisations and seamless integrations. webCRM is built to adapt your processes and the unique needs of your industry.