webCRM for Healthcare


Future-proof your healthcare operations with a CRM solution that enhances collaboration, safeguards sensitive data, and helps you build better customer experiences.  

  • Web-based platform.
  • Powerful open API.
  • Customise your solution.

We’re already driving growth in your industry.

“webCRM had been a great tool for us over the years. It's very adaptable... Each year new things keep getting added which makes the usability easier each time.”

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Connect and build better experiences with a CRM for the healthcare industry. 

How does CRM help healthcare businesses?

CRM software for healthcare organisations streamlines contact management and compliance, enhances internal and external communication, and improves operational efficiency. By centralising data for patients, consumers, members, providers, and beyond, a healthcare CRM enables personalised care delivery and provides actionable insights to ensure informed decision-making.  


Gain control over your data.  

Ensure digital compliance — keep complete control over your data with authorisation controls and enhanced security in webCRM.  

  • Store and connect documentation to contacts, companies, and activities and set access rules to make sure only the right people can access the right information.  
  • Easily monitor updates and changes made to customer records in the event log. 
Gain control of your data with webCRM

Strengthen your relationship management.

Personalise engagement and provide exceptional care with a holistic view of consumer and patient data in webCRM.  

  • Segment contacts and enable dynamic, relevant outreach.
  • Use comprehensive data insights to anticipate needs and track effectiveness of engagement tactics.
  • Simplify request handling for prompt resolution with the support module. 
Customer relationships with webCRM

Over 2,000 companies are growing their business with webCRM.

Enhance multi-department collaboration.  

Connect teams seamlessly across your organisation to drive proactive communication, efficiency, and growth in webCRM for Healthcare.

  • Allow users across your organisation to access, share, and contribute to relevant profiles.
  • Streamline task management — colleagues can tag each other on specific entities, link activities, and automate reminders.
  • Keep a shared view of growth opportunities and department-specific KPIs with customisable dashboards and reporting. 

A modern, flexible CRM designed to meet your needs.

Do even more with customisations and seamless integrations. webCRM is built to adapt your processes and the unique needs of your industry.