webCRM for Manufacturing

From opportunity to order management, invoicing, and efficient support tools, streamline your manufacturing processes with one interconnected, simple solution.  

  • Web-based platform.
  • Powerful open API.
  • Customise your solution.

We’re already helping increase sales in your industry. 

“webCRM had been a great tool for us over the years. It's very adaptable... Each year new things keep getting added which makes the usability easier each time.”

MC via Trustpilot

Transform your operations for growth with a CRM for Manufacturing. 

How does CRM help manufacturing companies?

CRM helps manufacturing companies by providing actionable insights into customer needs and processes to improve resource allocation, collaboration, and customer experiences. It centralises all customer and business data and empowers teams with automation and workflow tools, ensuring modernised and optimised operations that drive more sales and growth. 

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Enhance efficiency across your teams. 

Power up your teams with collaborative tools and automations to increase performance and keep your business moving efficiently.  

  • Gain a single source of truth with all your customer, partner, and business data in one place.
  • Automate follow-ups and reminders to capture more opportunities, upsell options and beyond, so you can streamline your revenue growth and spend less time on admin.
  • We’re mobile-ready — take advantage of our CRM app for on-the-field data storage and retrieval, including images and documents. 

Optimise your sales-to-delivery pipeline.

Manage and align sales and operations, enabling every team with key insights to improve processes and productivity using advanced metrics and dashboards.

  • Gain full visibility into your sales pipelines, forecast revenue, and send detailed offers from webCRM with automatic updates to your integrated ERP system.
  • Save and organise documents connected to opportunities, enhancing context to engage better.
  • Track order details, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping and consistently solid experiences. 

Over 2,000 companies are growing their business with webCRM.

Unlock seamless customer support.   

Build loyal relationships and simplify resolutions with webCRM's support module.

  • Efficiently handle all incoming ticket requests and automatically notify the right agent for the task to ensure speedy service experiences.  
  • Personalise your support with comprehensive, connected customer and contact data in webCRM. 

We keep it simple and local.

webCRM for Manufacturing is simple and intuitive — easily tailor your solution with the features you want, without the complexities you’re used to.

  • Our user-friendly system reduces reliance on consultants, empowering your workflows and boosting sales productivity.
  • It's easy to reach out to us in your language. Our local support team ensures prompt assistance, from account management to invoice-related queries and beyond. 

A modern, flexible CRM designed to meet your needs.

Do even more with customisations and seamless integrations. webCRM is built to adapt your processes and the unique needs of your industry.