Project management

Get a complete overview of customers and projects with webCRM

When you, as a project manager, must maintain an overview of projects, customers and sales, it is important to have the right tools to help you on your way with project management. Having these tools means that projects can be followed through to the end, and you have control of the process from start to finish, so the project ends with good results. With a CRM system from webCRM, you get a tool that has all the features that you as a sales manager, or marketing manager need to get an overview of all projects, whether it applies to attracting the right customers with targeted offers, or whether it is used to increase additional sales by following up with customers at the right time.

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Get to know your current and potential customers

An important factor to consider when determining if a project will succeed is whether you have enough knowledge about your customers and their behaviour patterns to create a targeted process that is put together for each customer or customer group. With a CRM system, you have all of the customer data in one place, and this allows you to make a lot of different analyses and reports which may give you an overview of certain customer groups or patterns that can indicate that you will lose a customer or a customer will be open to saying yes to an offer from your company. This is vital information that can make your job as a sales manager easier because it can help you prioritise where your team must put their resources.


With webCRM you can send targeted e-mails and newsletters directly from the individual customer files. This makes it quick and easy to get in touch with customers and send information and relevant offers to specific customer groups. When you send targeted e-mails from webCRM, you can also easily retrieve data on how well the individual e-mails and newsletters are doing with customers. When you send out a newsletter, you can, for instance, see which customers open the newsletter and which are not responding. It allows you to be even more aware of which customer groups are interested in specific offers and information. This means that, as a marketing manager, you have easier project management because you can always get updated knowledge about your initiatives and the effect of new marketing campaigns. Therefore, webCRM is an excellent project management tool that gives you many options to follow a process from start to finish and make continuous adjustments and evaluations. So that you are certain that your projects will end well.