Project management tool

Targeted sales management and project management with webCRM

When you, as a company, want to find out how the resources of your sales team should be prioritised, it is crucial that you as a manager make decisions on an informed basis, so you are certain that you use your resources on the right customers and in the right way, so that the company gets the most possible sales. A CRM system can be a useful tool here. With a CRM system, all customer data is in one place, and that means that the system can serve as an excellent project management tool. It will also be easier for your sales team to maintain an overview and create good customer relationships because all the information is readily available when they need it. All this data means that, as a sales manager, you can learn more about your customers and their behaviour patterns. This can help you to create a much more targeted sales activities.

At webCRM, helping you categorise and analyse your customer data so you can learn about how to best organise your sales work and where there is a need for increased focus is one of our main strengths. There are virtually endless ways of generating the knowledge you need as a sales manager, and therefore you can easily learn about many different aspects of your company and sales. The only limitation is your imagination.

Follow the project and orders from start to finish

Traditionally, you will probably primarily connect a CRM system with sales and marketing, but with the right features, a CRM system can be much more than that, and it can be a vital tool for you, the manager when you need to keep track of projects from start to finish. Therefore, you can also see a CRM system as an essential project management tool. If you choose a CRM system from webCRM, you get a system that is easy to use, and that also has many features that make it easy for you to customise the CRM system to your company’s needs.

With webCRM you and your salespeople will always keep a tight rein on projects and sales, so you are certain that the right initiatives are taken at the right time. With webCRM you gather all of the customer data in one place where it is always available for the employees in your sales team. Everyone has access to the necessary customer information at the same time so that together you can coordinate sales efforts and keep up-to-date on the important customers. With webCRM you and your team can easily keep track of important deadlines, get an overview of how far in the process you have come with the sales effort, and when to contact a customer. This ensures that you can always contact the customers with relevant offers, and this can mean increased sales and satisfied customers. When there is always an overview of important deadlines, it becomes easier to focus your work on the tasks that need attention right now, so you do not miss an important order or an opportunity to get a new customer.

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Besides you and your sales team being able to carry out much more systematic and targeted sales efforts, a CRM system also allows you to monitor and manage your supply chain, so you are sure that orders are delivered on time.

You can collect all the information about your products and services with a product base in webCRM. This makes it easy for your sales team to put together the right offer. The product database can be integrated with your current financial management system, and it provides even more opportunities to follow a sale from start to finish. When your financial management system is integrated with webCRM, sales employees always have access to updated information about your products and services, making it quick to identify standard discounts, the right prices and calculate currency. With an integrated financial management system you can always get an insight into stock levels, so you can deliver your order on time and have satisfied customers.


We help you to generate the right reports

A customer database contains valuable information about your customers, which can help you with targeted marketing. With webCRM you get the tools to analyse your customer data and produce quick reports, which, among other things, can give you insight into certain customer patterns that can teach you about when to make a special effort not to lose a customer, or give you knowledge about how individual salespeople perform. Perhaps there is a salesperson who does especially well within a particular industry? This person can be assigned to focus on work in this industry specifically, thus increasing sales. With webCRM you can set up many different parameters and criteria so that you generate the reports that can help your company to increase sales and make sure that you have satisfied customers.

At webCRM, it is important to us that you get as much out of our system as possible, to make it even easier for employees in your company to carry out their core duties. Therefore, we are always ready to give you the support you need. Our skilled consultants can, for example, help you set the correct parameters so that you get the numbers and reports that make sense for your company. If you would like to become an expert yourself, we also offer courses for sales managers, so that you get the right tools to set goals and follow through on them.