Pipeline – Keeping track of your sales activities

webCRM gives you an overview of your own sales activities and the company’s sales pipeline. With all data collected in one place, you can easily estimate revenue, and see where sales efforts need to be increased to achieve targets. Click here and experience pipeline management in webCRM:

Pipeline management is vital to achieving targets

Do you know what your earnings will be in six months’ time? In twelve months’ time? What are the consequences of missing targets by a little or a lot? If you are not in control and the sales process is not working properly, once you realise that you are not on target it could be too late.

Effective pipeline management can be a difficult discipline, but a CRM system makes it much easier. webCRM helps you to keep track of your sales activities, make accurate revenue estimates, and identify where to manage your efforts if your expected revenue doesn’t meet budget targets.

It’s a really great tool that I use every day

It’s quick and easy to find details of our customers from the homepage. I can easily get an overview of how many offers we have sent out, which products we have made offers on, who created the offers and what the total sales potential is – right here, right now. It’s a really great tool that I use every day to keep track of what leads have come in.

Niels Jakobsen, CEO, Løwener




Why do you need a CRM system to optimise your pipeline?

webCRM collects all information about your pipeline activities in one place. Here, both management and the sales team can see what’s going on and you can work together more efficiently.

webCRM is an effective tool for systematising and optimising the sales process. You can set goals for all stages of sales work and follow how sales team members are working towards goals, who needs support, and who everyone can learn from. And most significantly, the CRM system helps retain important customer know-how within the company.

Try webCRM for free for 14 days and start optimising your pipeline now:

Did you know…

… that one of the primary reasons that leads don’t convert to sales is a lack of follow-up?

Systematic follow-up is proven to increase sales

webCRM on its own will not increase your sales. It is the way that you work with the CRM system that makes all the difference. Systematically following up on lead activities, meetings and offers is proven to increase the chances of converting your leads and closing orders. webCRM is the tool that helps your sales team maintain a grip on the detail and never forget  to follow up.

Automating your pipeline with webCRM

With webCRM, you can define what is a lead, the likelihood of converting different types of leads, and how and when to follow up on lead activities at each pipeline level.

In other words, you can implement your best practice for the sales process into webCRM so that the system automatically creates activities and reminders for your sales team


Easier and more effective pipeline administration

The automated pipeline flow creates less administrative work for employees and more systematic and consistent work with your customers. Our – and especially our customers’ – experience is that it boosts sales.


Comparable results and clear reporting

When everyone follows the same process and everyone manages leads in the same way, your results become clearer and more comparable, ‘apples with apples’ if you will. At the same time, in webCRM, you can instantly pull up reports and graphs that visualise your results so that you can easily report to management, the board and colleagues and spot trends and issues before they have a big impact.

Who owns your pipeline – the company or the employees?

If you don’t have a CRM system, the information about which sales activities you have in the pipeline is likely in your sales team’s heads or, at best, in at least one or more spreadsheets. It can be something of a tug-of-war to get information out of your sales team members when you want to get an overview or report for management.

What happens to customer information when an employee leaves the company? That’s right – all that knowledge goes straight out the door with them.

This is something you can avoid if you have your sales activities and detailed customer information consolidated in webCRM.

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