Good customer service

Make your customers happy with good customer service

It should be as easy as possible to be a customer of a company. If you, as a customer, have to wait too long to resolve a problem with a product or service, or there is not enough help if faced with unresolved issues, then you end up moving your business to another company. And, of course, there are no companies that are interested in letting that happen. Therefore, it is important that your company is ready to ensure your customers good customer service, so they can always be happy and satisfied - both with the product they have purchased and the service you provide.

There are many elements of good service that require close collaboration between your support team and sales team. To make the work more systematic and efficient, your company will benefit greatly from a CRM system like webCRM. Here you get a great tool that helps you to follow-up in good time on customer inquiries so that all customers get the help they need in due time. It’s good customer service.

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Systemise support

When a customer calls customer service for help and support, it is vital to always follow-up because good service is the best basis for long-term customer relationships and sales. Therefore, with webCRM you can systemise support with a ticket system, which ensures that your support team always follows up. Follow-ups can be made by telephone, but you also have the option to send e-mails to the customer with the status of the case through webCRM.

With webCRM it is also possible for you to share information about support across teams. Therefore, salespeople can follow progress on the customer file, so they are updated. On the customer file, salespeople can both record details about each purchase and associated support history, for example, the last time they serviced the product and model number. So salespeople always have the relevant information required to ensure a good customer relationship. In the support module in webCRM, it is also possible to merge effective standard replies in e-mails to customers. It is a tool that is relevant to both the sales team and support team.

With webCRM your company’s support team has the option to easily get an overview of the ongoing support cases. With the visual features in webCRM, graphs and dashboards can be made quickly which provide a visual image of performance and an overall snapshot of support cases.


Save customers from unnecessary information

Another important part of good customer service is to ensure that you do not disturb customers with unnecessary newsletters or e-mails that are of no interest. In addition to this salespeople who have not coordinated their work should not call a customer. Therefore, it is first important to know your customers and their habits, so you know which products and offers will be of interest to them. With webCRM you will have the option to send targeted e-mails to customers directly from the customer file, but it is also possible to segment customers, so that the customer group receives the same information. Also make sure that customers always get invited to the right events organised by the marketing department, so that they feel that they are remembered and appreciated.

Whatever you do, you should always focus on providing the best customer service. This helps to create long-lasting and strong customer relationships.