Email Marketing

Drive Personalised Engagement with Email Marketing in webCRM

Disjointed email communication leads to inconsistent customer interactions and challenges in tracking email marketing effectiveness, with the consequence of potential loss in sales and customer loyalty.

webCRM’s centralised Email Marketing feature helps drive more effective, consistent communication with prospects and customers, enabling you to foster stronger relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

Connected customer data in webCRM fuels your email dispatch, ensuring proper segmentation and relevant messaging. And with the email history attached to customer cards, your sales and support teams can gain a quick overview for more personalised, context-backed communication.

As you go, with the ability to track and analyse your email marketing performance in one place,
you can continually optimise your strategy for better results.  

Enhance customer management with centralised Email Marketing  

From understanding your customers and aligning your teams to delivering meaningful communication at every step, comprehensive email integration in webCRM offers several key benefits:

  • Complete visibility: Every team member who accesses a customer card can view the full email history. This visibility is invaluable, particularly when the primary contact is unavailable, allowing any team member to step in and continue communication without missing a beat.
  • Improve the customer experience: With the entire email history at their fingertips, team members can provide responses that are informed by previous interactions, ensuring consistency in communication and a more personalised customer experience.  
  • Ensure speedy follow-ups: When it comes to email follow-ups, the individual seller can easily track what the customer has clicked on within the email using the customer card. This facilitates more pertinent and focused conversations with the customer.
  • Targeted campaigns: Leveraging webCRM's email marketing capabilities and customer data allows for targeted campaigns directly from the CRM. Build segmented lists based on any criteria stored in the CRM and tailor your communications for more effective email marketing strategies.  
  • Customise the experience with templates: Send emails or offers directly from the individual customer card and give them a professional appearance with customisable templates.  
  • Improve efficiency: The automatic capture of email interactions eliminates the need for manual entry, significantly reducing administrative overhead and the risk of missing or overlooking critical customer communications.
  • Streamline collaboration: The easy access to email histories promotes better collaboration among team members. Insights gleaned from past communications can inform team strategy and ensure that everyone is aligned in their approach to customer engagement.
  • Make informed decisions: Having a centralised repository of all customer email communications ensures more informed decision-making. Teams can quickly reference past interactions to guide future communication strategies, keeping outreach efforts relevant and timely. As you go, track engagement with analytics and build reports to refine your campaigns.

Empower your Email Marketing  

By integrating email communication directly into webCRM, businesses can ensure that no piece of critical information is ever lost and that every customer interaction is leveraged to enhance relationships, boosts email marketing effort, and drive success. This feature not only simplifies the management of email communications but also empowers teams to deliver superior customer service.

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