Business Integrations

Simplify Business Processes with Integrations

Businesses often struggle with inefficiencies caused by using multiple unconnected software solutions, because there is a lot of manual data entry, data discrepancies between the systems, and excessive time is spent on administrative tasks.

Integrating your software solutions automates the data transfer and reduces manual errors, which then provides your organization with a unified, real-time view of operations, and you can seamlessly integrate webCRM with email provides like Google and Outlook, market databases like Vainu, IP telephony systems and many more.

Seamless Integrations  

Integrate webCRM with ERP systems like e-conomic, Uniconta, or to streamline operations and reduce the need for duplicate data entry.

This integration ensures real-time synchronization across platforms, from customer data to inventory levels, and you will be able to create quotes in webCRM using updated product lines from your ERP system with correct prices, standard discounts, and calculated currency. Quotes then convert easily to invoices, visible in your ERP system ready for invoicing, with data sent back to webCRM, offering a unified overview.

Expand Your Toolkit with REST API

webCRM’s open REST API allows for easy integration with various systems, including plug'n'play options for Apsis, e-conomic, Vainu, Bisnode and many more.

You can also extend webCRM’s functionality through Zapier, connecting to over 750 apps like LinkedIn and Trello, broadening your operational capabilities with minimal effort. By leveraging webCRM’s integration features and the open API, your business can achieve streamlined data management and enhanced connectivity, facilitating smoother operations and strategic decision-making.


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Customer Database

Get a quick and complete overview of your customer profiles and data. Always have full context on hand for personalised, relevant customer connections.  


Dashboards & Reporting

Easily transform data into actionable insights. Build drag-and-drop dashboards and create quick reports for confident, aligned decision-making.


Automation Module

Don’t let manual tasks and errors hold you back. Streamline your processes with efficiency and precision — while putting hours back into your week with easy automations.




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