E-mail marketing

Target your marketing with a CRM system

Marketing is a crucial part of your company’s work to reach the right potential and current customers with targeted offers, products and services. Therefore, it is important that a special effort is made to make it easier for your company to increase its sales - as the right marketing can be the beginning of a long and fruitful customer relationship. There are many different tools that can be used when it comes to marketing, but the general rule should always be that it is about creating marketing that is carefully targeted at the right group, so your marketing will have the maximum effect.

With a CRM system, your company gets a tool that gives your marketing department a lot of features that make it easy and straightforward to create marketing targeted at specific customer groups, so that you get the greatest possible value and benefit of the resources that you put into marketing. With webCRM you get an intuitive tool that makes it easy to send targeted e-mails, newsletters or create new leads. At the same time, our CRM system also gives your company favourable conditions to work closely together across teams and departments because it is easier than ever to share information.

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Send targeted e-mails and newsletters

In the marketing department, it is crucial to have the right features and tools that make it easy to target your marketing at the right customers and potential leads. Here, e-mail marketing is an important tool. If you use e-mail marketing as an essential part of your communication with customers and prospective customers, then there will certainly be many benefits to implementing a CRM system in your company. With a CRM system from webCRM, it becomes much easier to send targeted e-mails and newsletters.

With webCRM you can send professional looking e-mails and offers directly from the individual customer file. However, you also get the chance to utilise all the data in webCRM to segment e-mails. This means that you can very easily send relevant offers to the right customers. With webCRM you can, for example, see which customers open your newsletters, and where they click. It allows you to select the customers who show an interest in a particular product or service. This makes it easier for you, but it also gives your customers a better experience, as they only receive relevant information and tailored offers.

webCRM makes it easy for you to create a consistent and professional look for newsletters, e-mails, offers and other documents that you use in your marketing efforts. In webCRM you can actually design your own templates for PDF files and e-mails that can be used again and again. It makes life in a busy marketing department a little easier. When you create templates in webCRM, you will get, among other things, the option to merge recipient names, lovely product images, prices and signatures into templates. At the same time, you of course also get the option to use the material that is already available in your ERP system.