Time recording

Keep track of time spent

When you work with an order, a customer or a project, it often takes place over a longer period of time, and you can quickly lose track of how many hours you actually spend on your consultancy work for each customer, or how much time you have left to do a particular project. Therefore, it’s all about having the right features that can easily help you to keep track of your time spent so that you can include all of your support hours on the invoice and you can settle correctly with the customer.

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With webCRM it has never been easier to keep track of time spent. With a single click, you can start recording time spent on a customer or a task. This means that you can easily avoid many short periods of work being missed off the invoice. With a time recording system, your company can get a more accurate picture of the amount of time spent on each customer. It can also help you to get an overview of whether your resources are being used properly or whether there are some customers who need more attention than others.

In addition to time recording, webCRM also has a number of other useful features, where you can easily record mileage, time spent and other customer-related expenses, so that you can produce an invoice where you are sure that your company gets paid for all the time and work you have put into a project or a specific customer. With webCRM you can, for example, also plan a route when you need to visit customers, so you get there in the shortest time. Customer addresses in webCRM give direct access to the map feature on your smartphone, and if you have several customer visits on the same day, you can easily plan the fastest route.