Product Database

Enhance Your Proposal Creation with webCRM’s Product Database

webCRM's Product Database acts as a single source of truth for all your product and service information.  

Whether you're selling machinery or consulting services, the database streamlines your sales process with all product and service details accessible as product lines, making it simple to build relevant offers for your customers. Upselling with impact just got easier too; create highly-targeted call lists with the full purchase history connected in webCRM. 

Boost efficiency with webCRM-ERP Integration

Integrate webCRM with ERP systems like e-conomic or Uniconta to sync and power up your front and back-office functions from one place. Not only does this minimise redundant tasks, but it also makes sure you have detailed and up-to-date information about your products at your fingertips.

When creating a proposal, your sales team can then rely on product lines with accurate prices, standard discounts, and currency calculations pulled directly from your ERP. This helps guarantee the reliability of your offers, providing visibility into inventory levels and ensuring promises to customers can always be kept. 


  • Connected sales processes: Directly importing product information into offer lines significantly speeds up the proposal creation process, allowing your sales team to focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks.
  • Improved data accuracy: By integrating custom fields with your ERP system, you can ensure that offer lines contain the most up-to-date and accurate product information, prices, and discounts. 

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