Never forget to follow-up with webCRM

It can be of the utmost importance for your company’s relationship with your customers that the sales team always follow up and contact customers at the right time, with the correct and up to date information. It makes customers feel valued, so they continue to keep their business with you, and it can lead to valuable additional sales for your company. To follow-up at the right time and with the right information requires good task management, where all of the sales team have the possibility to follow individual customer cases, so there is no unfortunate overlap, or lack of important information on a customer.

With webCRM, the company’s sales team gets all the fundamental CRM tools they need to do their job as well as possible. Through task management, webCRM gives you a complete overview, so neither you nor others in your sales team forget to follow-up on an important customer.

Professional task management

webCRM gives your sales team more options for task management, so that your company does not lose valuable customers or miss new opportunities. You have all customer data in one place with webCRM, and this is also where all the sales work is done. With a simple system where all the information is collected, you can be sure that you won’t lose important information about a customer, and it also makes it possible for all of the sales team to stay updated about customers. If, for example, there are several salespeople in your team working with the same customer, all documents, meetings, deadlines and important notes concerning the customer are available to everyone in the sales team. If it’s time to follow-up, you can easily form an overview of whether there are others who have had contact with the customer recently and what agreements have been made. This makes it easy for you to coordinate and target sales efforts, so customers are never unnecessarily disturbed, and you do not duplicate work. It’s both good for your customer care and it saves you time that can be spent on other important customers.

Get in touch at the right time with the right customers

webCRM allows your sales team to follow-up on customers at the right time. The system can, for example, inform you when it’s almost time for a customer to replace an old product. And with the customer data and information that is collected for a particular customer group that has the same characteristics, you can set the system to alert you to follow-up or send an e-mail when it’s been some time since the last contact, and it’ll soon be time to renew a contract or sell a new product. This makes it easy for the sales team to follow-up so that there are no other suppliers that get their foot in the door with the customer.

Many customers have the same characteristics and therefore request the same products, and they will also often have the same challenges. For these groups, you can put together sharp selling points that target precisely this group with webCRM, and it makes the conversation much more relevant to the customer. Similarly, you can also integrate the system with Bisnode, which gives you insight and knowledge on the most profitable customers, so sales teams can prioritise their resources in the right area. And it’s not just Bisnode that you can integrate with the system, you can also integrate your existing financial management system, such as e-conomic, C5 or NAV. Through doing this, you avoid a lot of duplication.

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