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webCRM has a wealth of features, but also allows you to switch off the ones your business does not need. If you use systems which are important to your sales work, you can integrate many of them with webCRM by utilising our existing API.

Integrate with your existing systems

webCRM is built to work with other systems. Choose one of the plug’n’play integrations from our partners. Or use our API to integrate your existing systems with webCRM.


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Integrate your accounting system (ERP)

Import data from your ERP system to webCRM. See invoices and sales history, directly on the customer card. Save both the sales team and the accounting department duplicated effort by transferring orders from webCRM to invoicing in your ERP system.

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Full integration of market data

Market data is the best tool in the hunt for new leads. Use knowledge of your existing customers to find more with the same profile. And compile a call list of new leads directly in webCRM.

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Leads from web analytics, directly into webCRM

The Leadfeeder analysis tool converts visitor data from your website into leads. Integration with webCRM makes it easy to create the new leads and organise follow-up.

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