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webCRM has been named CRM Product of the Year for the second year in a row at the 2018 Network Computing Awards and in 2019 webCRM won the customer service award, thanks to webCRM’s UK and International customers who took part in a largescale vote.


Created by salespeople

A new system is only successful when it is used. webCRM is created by experienced salespeople. All functions are adapted to the daily life of a sales team. So you can customise the system to remove unnecessary fields or redundant functions. The flexible structure is one of the many good reasons to choose webCRM. To discover how CRM in general could help you, click here.

Think big, start small

Whatever the size of your business, it is easy to customise webCRM to your needs. You can start small with a few, manageable functions. Along the way, you can bring more functions into play. Or upgrade to a larger suite, when you are ready to let webCRM play a greater role.


Perfect for getting started with CRM – e.g. a start-up or small business



Make webCRM the management tool for the sales team, finance and management


Get even more out of webCRM with customer support and many marketing functions

20,000 satisfied users worldwide

Over 2,500 companies in 20 different countries are boosting their sales with webCRM.

"This year, we experienced growth of about 15 percent, and we attribute some of that to webCRM due to its better management and planning and a whole new level of customer focus."

Niels Barfod Jakobsen


Løwener, Danmark

"Great performance at a competitive price. Now, IFS has a world-class customer and sales management tool which grows our global business."

Ben WoodWard

Global Channel Manager


I love the new pop up alert function. It has made me 100% more efficient.

Ray Bacon

Portus Capital Partners

Focus on Your Strengths, and
Let Our CRM System Take Care of The Rest

The customers are the most important thing in your business, and good customer relations don’t create themselves. It takes impeccable service and gentle charm to build a good customer relationship, but it doesn’t take more than a single mix-up to break the bond. That is what you avoid by handling your customers in a CRM system. If you choose webCRM, however, you will get much more than just a typical customer management tool.

webCRM was created by salespeople and the ideas for the system’s features were conceived in real life situations. That is why we have always had a sharp focus on determining which options our CRM system needs to have - and not have.

We are happy with that focus, and, apparently, so are our customers, because we currently have more than 20,000 users worldwide, and 70 percent of them have experienced increased sales after signing up with us. An impressive 92 percent of our customers are satisfied, which is something that we are very proud of. But which solutions offered by our CRM software do our customers enjoy so much?



Our CRM System Serves up Your Customer Data on A Silver Platter

In webCRM, all your customer data is collected in one place online, where you can access it at any time. Task management, overview of meetings, quotes, statements, orders, and personal relations are classic CRM content, and in our CRM system you get all of that in an easy and manageable way. You can adjust the system at user level, so that you will be shown exactly what is relevant to you when you log on.

You can also quickly and easily extract your data - for example, in the form of graphs for a slideshow – or you can visualise your KPIs as dashboards on big screens, so you are never in doubt about the direction in which you’re heading.

Furthermore, our CRM program can analyse your data, so you get a helping hand when drawing up budgets, assigning tasks, predicting the content of your pipeline and planning ahead.

With webCRM, you also get a unique tool for focusing your marketing efforts. That is because you have the option of segmenting your customer database in thorough detail, so you have a better chance of making sure that offers and newsletters are targeted towards the exact customers that you are aiming for.

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Our Own CRM Has Also Been Organised

We are pleased that so many of our customers are satisfied, and we are doing our best to maintain the good relationships. Therefore, we always do our utmost when we are in contact with you, whether you need advice, guidance, or support.

The size of our company means that you are important to us while still providing you with the expertise and experience to advice you on your needs and tailor solutions that make it easier for you to advice, guide, or support your own customers. Should you need support, we are always available. We are an international company founded in Denmark, and you can always get hold of an English speaking employee on our free hotline.




What Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Customer relationship management, CRM for short, is a term to describe the way a company structures its customer data.

By gathering all customer data in a manageable system, it becomes easier to prioritise you company’s sales efforts in order to increase sales and retention. With a customer relationship management system, you get a complete overview of all communications with prospective and current customers and any associated transactions. A CRM system insures a company against the loss of customer data when employees leave your company or the like, since all data is stored digitally. webCRM – like most CRM systems - saves this data in the cloud (cloud storage).




Our CRM System Is Built for Everyday Life

A CRM system can have one amazing feature after the other, but if the program is not being used, none of that matters. webCRM is designed with an eye towards usability. This means that our solutions are both user friendly and easy to start using. We also make sure that you get a good start with webCRM through courses and video guides, just as we are never further away than an email or a phone call if you need our assistance.

It is your daily needs that decide the features of your webCRM. You can select or deselect modules and features to ensure that the CRM system is fitted to your company, and you can even adjust the individual features to reflect your reality. For instance, you can adjust webCRM to only show the fields that you find relevant for your needs. In other words, your days of unnecessary clicks, messy data entries, and ghost features that no one really understands are over.

Our vision is that your CRM system should function in your daily work life. Therefore, we have also simplified a lot of work procedures, so you don’t have to waste your energy on boring data entries. Sometimes, registering a small task for a customer can take up as much time as doing the task itself. We have solved that with one-click registration, so your time can be spent where it makes a difference.

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Our CRM System Is Not A Stand-Alone

We understand that a company is not run from a CRM system. That is why we are fully integrable with all the other systems, features, and programs that keep the wheels turning. You can freely transfer information from your spreadsheets, save email histories in customer records, synchronise with your calendar, integrate your ERP system, learn more about your customers with market data, look for new customers with Leadfeeder, and target a campaign to them with MailJet.

Why, you can even integrate our mobile app with your GPS and let it show you the way to your client meetings.

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