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On this page you will find guides for using webCRM. The site is constantly updated, but if you cannot find help here, please feel free to contact our support.

3rd, 4th and 5th Responsible

Assign more responsible for organisations than the current two.

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Editor for Newsletters,
Emails and PDF Files

Layout and edit your newsletters and email templates.

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Default and Favorite Templates

You can now add 1 default template and 5 favourite templates.

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Mass Creation of Meetings

Distribute meetings for your users on a number of organisations from a report.

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Guide to sending e-mails

General guidelines to avoid e-mails
to be mistaken for spam.

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New Options on The Main View

Improve the overview of the organisation information.

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Website Integration - Inbound Module

The website integration allows information to be imported into webCRM.

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Activity Alert and Pop-up

Activities of extra importance can be set to alert the user through a pop-up notification.

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Send personal data on request

According to GDPR it is required that your organisation can provide all stored personal data on demand.

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Opt in/opt out, mailing lists

You must be able to document that persons receiving mass emails have explicitly accepted to receive these e-mails.

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Requesting to delete data

As part of the GDPR it is required that persons can ask to have stored personal data deleted at any time.

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Customers access to edit own data

A company is required to give its customers or leads access and the ability to edit personal information that has been stored.

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