What does the upcoming regulation on personal data mean for your business? Get an Introduction Here

Terms & Conditions (including the GDPR)

On this page, you can find our general terms & conditions. In order to ensure that both we and our customers are properly equipped to meet the demands of the latest EU personal data regulation (GDPR), we have integrated these demands into our general terms & conditions. In cooperation with our legal advisors, we have also created a data processor agreement that likewise meets the demands of the GDPR.

This page also includes an FAQ on GDPR, where we answer the most frequently asked questions that we receive on the subject of the treatment of personal data. Finally the page is rounded off with our extensive GPDR guide. This guide explains what GDPR means for your business and how you may expediently ensure that you are compliant with the GPDR.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to our terms & conditions or the GDPR.


  webCRM Terms & Conditions: 

► Subscription Agreement.pdf


webCRM Data Processor Agreement: 

► Data Processor Agreement.pdf

Need more information about GDPR?

We have collected a number of guides and videos in our GDPR Trust Center. Here, you will also find our FAQ about GDPR as well as a link to our GDPR Guide.


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