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3 tricks to successfully use your CRM data

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Plecto is a real-time data visualization tool that allows you to keep an eye on your performance and have the best overview of your results. You might be wondering… how is this related to my CRM system? It is indeed very closely related!

One of the main reasons for using webCRM is to guarantee that your Sales and Support teams are providing the best service to your customers. And that’s a great start! But there are so many learnings that you can get from your CRM data…

For instance, research by McKinsey showed that those companies that invest more than average in their customer satisfaction actually improve their employee engagement by 20%! This comes to show that taking care of your clients you’re actually making your employees’ work much enjoyable.

The good news is that there are also many other initiatives that you can carry out in your companies’ routine to keep that motivation up all day long. Remember, employees’ motivation is a long-distance race, so don’t just settle for the sprint.

Do you want to know more? Keep on reading and discover how your CRM data can optimize your company’s culture!

1. Provide your employees with the best insight

Let’s face it, it’s not the highlight of your employees’ days to receive an endless report about their performance, or a meeting about plain numbers. Why do that when you can make it entertaining for your team to understand their data?

They are hands-on with numbers, all day, every day. Your Sales department is familiar with meetings, trials, opportunities, demos, etc. They work around data, but do they work with it?

You have the data, let’s bring on the fun!

Provide your employees with accurate data that is relevant to them. Show them the team’s strengths, improvement opportunities, and how close/far they are from the set goals. Does this sound already more exciting?

It makes such a difference for your entire team’s performance when they are able to follow it in real-time and see their progress for themselves.

But that’s not all, of course. It also helps create a great team spirit at the office. Your employees are cheering each other up to reach the team’s objectives, you are sharing data and results across departments, and you are all celebrating success together!

2. Work closely with your CRM data

By using webCRM you already have the tool to gather the relevant data, you are now one step closer to engaging your team in your performance, on a daily basis! But yes, we are aware that it’s easier said than done.

What would you choose, gathering data, or motivating your employees?

Wait! Why choose when you can have both? The correct answer is: bring them together! Integrate webCRM with Plecto and import your CRM data automatically into your dashboard.

Optimize your CRM’s performance with Plecto

Plecto was designed to help companies create and maintain a data-driven culture across teams and locations. To do that, this software allows you to automatically import your data from the systems that you use on a daily basis. We already count on +50 integrations with the most common systems for every department. And of course, webCRM is one of them!

Moreover, Plecto displays your relevant data in real-time, so that you can always be updated at a glance. This helps your team visualize their KPIs efficiently, as well as follow the progress towards the goals!

Your data is your business, and your employees your strength. Combine them in the most efficient way by providing them with the best tools. And you can easily do that now with Plecto’s integration with webCRM!

3. Customize your dashboards, and celebrate!

As a visualization tool, Plecto offers many customizable features to adapt them to your own culture.

You can create a dashboard from scratch with a personalized theme, colors, and the widgets of your choice. Give your team the most engaging dashboard!

And once your webCRM data is up and running on Plecto, it’s time to celebrate your employees’ achievements! Don’t wait for a big milestone to celebrate together… every small step counts in the journey towards success.

You can easily set customized notifications to pop up in the dashboard, that can vary from the picture of the employee and a small message to a whole celebration with a personalized video and background music!

The best part is that all your employees can be part of the success when it’s displayed in the dashboards. They are not only following their performance in real-time but also they are notified whenever a colleague reaches a new goal. And who doesn’t like a little celebration for the effort made?

Scale up your employees’ engagement and bring your team to the next level!