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Smart use of market data increases your success rate

2 min read

An experienced salesperson can cope with scores of icy rejections in the hunt for the next customer. But the use of data can make the job much more focused and yield new customers which are more profitable. webCRM is the perfect tool for increasing the success rate on canvassing.

Let the ball do the work, they say in football. In sales work, the same thing applies. Here, it is not the ball but the data which has to do the hard work. The long Excel sheets have to be boiled down to the most obvious leads, ensuring that your sales staff’s energy is used to best effect.

Start with look-alikes

Start by looking at data about your existing customers. This is a gold mine of information. Perhaps they are already divided into A, B and C customers based on profitability and longevity. If so, then look at your A customers’ data. What industries are they in? How many employees do they typically have? Which of your products do they mostly buy? Now, the hunt is on for similar businesses. Here, Bisnode Market Data can help you create the perfect call list.

Crisp USPs

Companies with similar characteristics often have the same challenges and need the same products. Therefore, you can put together sharp, unique selling points (USP) to suit exactly the group of look-alikes you are going to call. It makes the first 30 seconds of the conversation much more relevant to the customer.

A, B and C customers

If you did not divide your customers into A, B and, if necessary, C customers already, start by looking at the contribution margin. What do you earn from the different types of customers? Using webCRM, you can integrate information from your financial system (ERP). This makes it easy to determine where the money is. And how the typical profitable customer looks.

Call the most profitable ones

When you combine your sales data with market data from Bisnode, you get new insights into the most profitable customers. Maybe start-ups give you the best margin. The next step is to get an idea of which of your products, start-ups buy. From this, you can put together a good script for the sales team. 

Now, canvassing is much less of an uphill battle. The profitable customers can also be located in a particular industry or among companies of a certain size. The answer is already there in your data. All you need to do is turn your knowledge into new customers and continued growth. webCRM can help you do that.