Talent Recruiter

Talent Recruiter and webCRM as one integrated solution.



Talent Recruiter is offered by HR Manager. It is used by recruitment firms and other large companies with high recruitment needs to manage the selection and recruitment process.

The integration between Talent Recruiter and webCRM means that you can handle your recruitment tasks in Talent Recruiter, where the integration with webCRM allows you to see which cases are active and what the status is on are.

The integration allows you to:

It is possible to look at all "deliveries" in webCRM, which do not have the status "completed". If there is no project ID in Talent Recruiter, a new project is automatically created

If the "department" is not found in Talent Recruiter, it will be created automatically

The project in question can be found under the associated "department" in Talent Recruiter ("organization" in webCRM)

Set up your integration with HR Manager

We set up the integration for you for a fixed price of DKK 12,500 excl. VAT. If you are already a webCRM customer and use Talent Recruiter. After this you have continuously updated the integration through your webCRM subscription.

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