With Zynk you can automate finance workflows to and from webCRM and Sage Line 50, Sage Line 200 Extra, Sage 200 Online and Sage One.



As the integration with these services is extremely powerful, you can essentially go as deep as is required with the automated workflow between webCRM and your accountancy package. Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Import key financial information into webCRM such as credit limits and balance so that sales and customer service can adjust their conversations accordingly.
  • Create invoices automatically from won orders.
  • Set activities based on a pre-determined set of rules. For example, when a payment is overdue, create an activity for an account manager to investigate.
  • Send automated emails related to account statuses based on pre-set criteria.
  • The possibilities are almost endless. We’ll look at the way you work and use Zynk to save you time, increase efficiency and improve operations within your business.

What is Zynk?

Zynk is an automation and integration platform for virtually any IT business process or system. Features include:

  • Complete IT Automation & Integration – from simple off the shelf integrations to complex business process automation.
  • Application Connectors – provide tasks to automate business processes for over 50 different software systems.
  • Adapters – provide methods of converting data from one format to another.
  • Workflow Designer – lets you build your workflow via a drag and drop interface.
  • Workflow Templates – provide access to common pre-defined business processes that you can then use as the basis to build your own workflows.
  • Scheduler – to allow you to run workflows at any time of day or night

Benefits of Zynk for webCRM users

  • Simple – Zynk is easy to use and does not require you to be a programmer for common integrations. For more complex integrations, webCRM are here to help.
  • Powerful – completely customisable to provide bespoke integrations.
  • Eliminates rekeying – Automate data input from applications into webCRM.
  • Efficiency – make your business more efficient by having crucial business information available for webCRM users.
  • Prevent mistakes – eliminate human errors that cause expensive mistakes.
  • Save time and money - save hours of time and money, and receive a positive return on investment.
  • Automation - achieve complete automation of your business processes.
  • Improved customer service – improve your customer service by providing more accurate information and providing it faster.

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