Reward and motivate your employees with Plecto's KPI dashboards.



Plecto is a motivational tool that, through visualization of real-time KPIs, helps companies worldwide grow their business. With the integration with WebCRM, it becomes possible to get an overview of your customer data easily and quickly.

Plecto is the perfect tool if you want to:

  • Create high-performance and increased motivation
  • Get an overview of your company's performance across teams and platforms
  • Celebrate all victories

Plecto and webCRM

It is free for webCRM customers to integrate with Plecto and you get a 14 day free trial! The integration allows you to build dashboards to suit your business needs. This makes it possible to show customer service and sales data from webCRM on Plecto's real time dashboards.

Plecto’s Notifications allow you to recognize your employees whenever they do a good job, and you can use the Contest and Achivements feature when you want to increase your engagement in your teams.

With Plecto you can use Reports to save time and energy when you have to report to the management. You can quickly download a complete overview of your company's KPIs across departments.

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