Sell More and Measure Your Email Marketing Efforts with Mailjet.



The integration between webCRM and the email programme Mailjet allows you to plan targeted email marketing campaigns and measure and compare their effect afterwards.

Mailjet gives you clear proof of what works:

  • How many recipients are opening your emails?
  • Which messages and offers grab their attention?
  • Which links do they click?

Then you can optimise and target your campaigns even better next time.

The Mailjet Integration Gives You 3 Specific Benefits

Automatic handling of hard bounces:

Mailjet automatically registers hard bounces (rejected emails) and updates the customer record.

Easy planning of email campaigns:

You can time your email and text messaging campaigns in advance. In other words, you can send out campaigns during the weekend, when you are on holiday, in a meeting or away on training.

Convert clicks into orders with advanced tracking:

Mailjet automatically registers every click in your emails. You can access this information in the email event log. You can add activities to these events and share them among your sales reps, allowing them to follow up by email or by phone, as preferred. As a sales rep, you can see exactly what your customer has clicked, as it shows on the customer record. Thus, the tracking enables you to convert your emails into a sale.

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