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The key to successful CRM is about how easily you can keep track of customer data across CRM and the financial system. With webCRM's integration into Inventio.IT's online Business Central / NAV, you can easily ensure that data flows easily and effortlessly between the two systems.

The result is that you always have updated customer data in your webCRM. This offers huge benefits to companies with CRM ambitions.

With one click you can integrate webCRM with the following online Dynamics business systems that are operated in Inventio.IT's hosting center: Dynamics NAV version 2016, 2017 and 2018 as well as Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With Business Central, you get a business system that takes digital intelligence and cloud to new heights, works perfectly with Office 365, is easily expandable, and speeds up business processes like yours.

Microsoft invests heavily in the Dynamics platform, which is the world's most widely used business system. And Inventio.IT is among the Denamrks largest Dynamics ERP houses.

The integration between webCRM and Inventio.IT's makes online business systems easy, whether you are or are considering using Inventio.IT online Dynamics solutions.

The integration between webCRM and Business Central / NAV from Inventio.IT ensures that:

  • Your debtors are automatically transferred to webCRM
  • You get security for synchronized and similar data in both systems
  • Customer leads that become customers in webCRM are automatically created in Business Central / NAV
  • Item lines can be easily synchronized from Business Central / NAV to webCRM
  • You can create, create and submit offers directly from webCRM
  • An order created in webCRM is automatically converted to a sales order in Business Central / NAV

Setting up your integration into Business Central / NAV

We set you up for a fixed price of DKK 4,995 excl. VAT if you are already a webCRM customer and use Business Central / NAV. After this your integration is automaticly updated through your webCRM subscription.

Offer for setting up webCRM solution and integration for Business Central/NAV

However, if you do not already use webCRM, we have the opportunity to offer an intro price of DKK 9,995 excl. VAT, which includes both setup of integration to Business Central / NAV and setup of your webCRM solution with the following specification:

  • Set up your webCRM solution as well as integration with Outlook / Exchange / Google Apps and Business Central.
  • Administrator course (all day in Copenhagen or Fredericia) and 1 webinar where the integration to Business Central / NAV is highlighted.
  • 4 consulting hours that you can use for ad hoc adjustment of your solution; typically set up templates, fields, overviews and a simple data import. Consumption in addition is settled by agreement.
  • Free service check after 4 months.

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