In Sweden, close to 200,000 companies use Fortnox as their ERP system. The webCRM integration with Fortnox is easy to set up and also allows you to synchronize with the subscription part of Fortnox.



webCRM’s Fortnox integration streamlines your sales process by allowing your sales people to create a quote in webCRM, with the latest updated articles and prices from Fortnox, and then automatically send it to Fortnox for invoicing when it is converted to an order. You will also get a better overview of your sales since your customers’ invoicing history will automatically be synched from Fortnox to webCRM.

  • You avoid unnecessary entry, since the integration means that customer and order information is automatically synchronized.
  • You will see the complete invoicing history in webCRM and you can easily create reports on it.
  • Reassures you that your customer register is always up to date, both in webCRM and Fortnox, and no data is lost.

This is how the integration works:

Customer details are synched between the systems. Your Article register is automatically synched from Fortnox to webCRM, which enables you to create quotes in webCRM with up-to-date product info and correct pricing. New invoices in Fortnox are synched to webCRM (when the integration is enabled you can choose to batch import past invoices to webCRM). From webCRM a new “delivery” is synched optionally as a new order or invoice in Fortnox. You can then easily send the invoice from Fortnox.

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