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Your website is becoming increasingly central to sales, lead generation and self-service. At each visit to the site, data on the visitor is collected, and that information can be used as a company for sales by integrating your website with webCRM.

The integration with Dynamicweb allows for:

  • Easy user administration from your customer portal or an extranet. With this integration, contacts can be easily created in webCRM and then automatically transferred to Dynamicweb, avoiding double registration and manual workflows. Furthermore, one can see from his webCRM system when a given user has been logged in.
  • With Dynamicweb's leads tool, anonymous website visitors can be identified and their visitor history can be mapped. In the case of an sales opportunity, the lead can be transferred to an activity in the webCRM system, making it easy to send the lead to one of your follow-up sales or telemarketing people.
  • Newsletter registration can be done both on the website and via webCRM. When the newsletter is sent out, Dynamicweb collects information about who opens the newsletter or who click on links, after which this data is transferred to the webCRM system. Sellers will be able to easily monitor whether their customers are reading newsletters and they will become more motivated to obtain newsletter and other marketing activities.

The vast majority of companies build landing pages with forms that the potential lead need to fill out. When a form is completed, this information will be transferred from Dynamicweb to an activity in the webCRM system and it will thus be easy to let sales or telemarketing take over the opportunity.

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