Sales tips

Send your emails with webCRM and sell more

Is your marketing department looking for a system that can send attractive emails to your customers? Do you have one already? Then it might be an idea to introduce the idea of webCRM. If you integrate your CRM system with email broadcasts from the marketing department, you may utilise each other's knowledge to increase sales.

Many e-mail systems send identical newsletters from a static Excel sheet. If a customer shows interest in a particular product, it remains a secret. The sales team will not be notified. Therefore, they do not make the follow-up call which could have led to a sale. webCRM makes it possible to track individual recipients' behaviour and use that information to sell more. Of course, there is also access to bounce rates, open rates, click-through rates and other important statistical parameters. Once you have analysed your clicks, webCRM can help you tailor call lists based on the behavioural patterns in these clicks.

Tracking and segmentation

webCRM also contains valuable information which can be used to segment e-mails and make them more relevant to your recipients. webCRM knows which products/services a customer already uses. Industry, sizes and other crucial factors are also in the CRM system already – if you use it across the company, of course. This means that e-mail broadcasts become more relevant to the recipient. The segmented emails can address a specific issue which typically sells the goods to a particular industry. This might even happen in the crucial subject line.

Templates, timing and design

webCRM not only helps pick out the right messages for the right customers. The system also provides access to many of the features which e-mail systems usually offer - and more. It can work with standard templates in professional designs and create personalised emails – i.e. from using the customer's name in the subject line to making carefully selected product offers from your ERP system. If you integrate webCRM with your financial system, you can import products and prices directly into your e-mails. webCRM also handles the timing of your mass mailings – so that you hit the times of day when your customers have attention to spare.

Integration with Mailjet

webCRM handles email tasks through tight integration with Mailjet, one of the world's strongest e-mail servers. Among other things, this means access to the industry's highest delivery rate, ensuring your emails do not end up in your customers’ spam folder. It is free to integrate e-mail broadcast with webCRM. Choosing the Plus or Enterprise packages gives you access to the graphical dashboard in Mailjet.