CRM system

New options on what to show on the organisation main view

Multiple aspects have been changed for the main view for organisations (the customer card). This has been done to improve the overview of the organisation information and have more control of which information is shown and where.

PLEASE NOTE! The new main view options will be activated the next time you enter the customer record configuration and hit save. Your current configuration will be replaced, and the new customer record will be activated.

The following changes have been implemented for the main view of organisations:

  • All entity boxes can show up to 5 fields about each entity
  • The entity box for products can show up to 10 fields about each product
  • The boxes with information about entities, general information etc. can be drag’n’dropped to the correct place during configuration of the set-up
  • There is no limit on how many boxes can be shown on the main view
  • It is possible to define the main view depending on the Type of the organisation. E.g. the main view can look different for leads, customers and partners.  
  • It is possible to remove the “data type box” completely
  • In the header, up to 10 fields can be shown with name and value
  • Connected relations are now displayed as a relation tree on the main view for organizations (If there are relations connected)

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