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Find your way to the customer and get key CRM features on your smartphone

A phone is most salespeople’s most important tool. It is taken everywhere, and so is webCRM. The mobile version of webCRM gives you access to a wide range of features that are useful to have on hand. For example, integration with Google Maps makes it possible to receive directions all the way to the customer meeting – on time. 

When the calendar is packed with customer meetings, it is all the more important to stay in control of transit times. With webCRM, being organised is easy. You see, Google Maps is fully integrated into the solution. One tap of the customer’s card in webCRM gives you access to Google's time calculation on both a mobile device and on a desktop. On your way to the customer, Google Maps guides you. No more hassle with the GPS, having to enter the address on the way from the car park.

You may only be saving two minutes each time, but everything adds up – If, for example, you have 200 customer meetings every year, it adds up to more than 6 working hours annually. And all it takes is one touch.

Lots of other functions at your fingertips

You can create a new activity or see what tasks you need to remember during the day. Do it on your smartphone, whether you are in the office, on your way to a meeting or sitting opposite the customer. Also, view your calendar and book meetings where it suits you. These are just some of the features which webCRM allows you to access on your smartphone. And yes, it all works on your tablet as well.

Plan the route for several customer visits 

When you have several customer visits in one day, you can use the Google integration to plan the trip. webCRM places a red dot on the map where the customer’s addresses are. On this basis, you plan the perfect route. The result is more efficient days on the road – and that can easily save you more than 6 hours annually. Of course, the map function can also be used on the desktop version of webCRM when you make your meeting arrangements.