Create strong customer relationships with the right CRM system

It is vital for any company to have excellent relationships with their customers so that they can continue to use the products or services their business offers. This applies regardless of whether it is a major IT company, a small consulting firm or paper manufacturer. Satisfied customers are loyal customers, and therefore it is important that your company is committed to creating strong customer relationships. With a CRM system, you get a tool that helps your sales team to increase customer satisfaction and attract future customers. It’s not only your sales team who can benefit significantly from a CRM system. The right CRM system gives them new options for targeted marketing and improved customer support.

When you need to find the right CRM system, it is important that you know your needs, so that you can find the best CRM system for your company. webCRM is a medium-sized provider of CRM solutions, and that means that we can offer you the best of both worlds. Like the small providers of CRM systems, webCRM is easy to start working with, so you can optimise your company’s sales efforts. The disadvantage of the smaller providers is that they do not have as many options to customise their system to the individual company - but you don’t have this problem with webCRM. Just like the major providers, we can offer a CRM system with our many features that can be tailored exactly to your company’s requirements. Whilst the systems from the major providers quickly become very advanced and difficult to use, we at webCRM have a simple system with great user-friendliness. In short, webCRM allows you to start small but think big.

Increase your sales with webCRM

With the best CRM system, your sales team can focus on what they are good at: Creating strong relationships with new and existing customers. With webCRM your company gets a simple tool, where you can gather all of your customer data. When all the data is in one place, it gives you new options to systematise your marketing efforts and create better results. At webCRM, we clearly see that it has a great impact on our clients when they start using our CRM system. Based on figures from our annual client survey, we can see that companies have boosted their sales by 70% and that our client satisfaction is 92%. Consequently, we believe in all humility that webCRM is the best CRM system on the English market.

It’s easy to start working with webCRM, and when all your customer data is added, you have a complete sales management system, where your sales team can handle all tasks. With webCRM you get the option to categorise all your customer data, making it even easier to create targeted marketing efforts. All the data is also available to all users at the same time. It provides a transparent system where you can share documents and notes with other salespeople, so everybody is up-to-date on what the status is with each individual customer. This means that you can coordinate your marketing efforts better so that you reach the right customers at the right time. This makes it easier and faster for your sales team to do their job, and at the same time, you get happy and satisfied customers.


Try webCRM for 14 days

We'll give you 14 days for free to try out webCRM, so that you can discover how easy it is to use. You will be given access to the full version, and don't worry about the installation. The whole thing is web-based.


Use customer data proactively

If you choose webCRM, you get a CRM system, where one of the special strengths lies in data analysis. Once you have all your customer data in one place, there is also plenty of knowledge to be gained that can give you valuable information about your customers. You can easily generate quick reports with our tools about everything from how many leads there were at the beginning of a month, to how many have been closed, and how many were lost. You can also get reports showing how the sales team performs, and whether there is a need for specific initiatives. With the analysis tools in our CRM system, you get the option to learn about your customers, so you can easily target your work. There is a myriad of options with webCRM for creating the reports that make sense for your company, and so the only real limitation is your imagination.

When looking for the best CRM system, data analysis and report generation is an essential factor because it is an excellent tool for improving sales. Therefore, it is also vital that it is the correct information that gives meaning to your company’s sales work that ends up in the analyses. So that your company get the greatest benefit possible from the reporting feature, we offer webCRM courses for sales managers, which, among other things, focus on segmenting customers and visualising the results. If you need help setting up the right report, we always have consultants who are standing by ready to help you get the right results. It is important to us that your company benefits from the many features of webCRM to optimise the sales work.