The Quickbooks connector for Zynk allows you to integrate and automate a number of tasks with Quickbooks online accounting system and webCRM

Tasks include:

  • Export Accounts
  • Export Credit Memos
  • Export Currencies
  • Export Customers
  • Export Invoices
  • Export Items (Products)
  • Export Payments
  • Export Purchase Orders
  • Export Sales Receipts
  • Export Tax Codes
  • Export Vendors
  • Import Credit Memos
  • Import Customers
  • Import Invoices
  • Import Items
  • Import Payments
  • Import Purchase Orders
  • Import Sales Receipts
  • Import Vendors (Supppliers)


What is Zynk?

Zynk is an automation and integration platform for virtually any IT business process or system. Features include:

  • Complete IT Automation & Integration – from simple off the shelf integrations to complex business process automation.
  • Application Connectors – provide tasks to automate business processes for over 50 different software systems.
  • Adapters – provide methods of converting data from one format to another.
  • Workflow Designer – lets you build your workflow via a drag and drop interface.
  • Workflow Templates – provide access to common pre-defined business processes that you can then use as the basis to build your own workflows.
  • Scheduler – to allow you to run workflows at any time of day or night

Benefits of Zynk for webCRM users

  • Simple – Zynk is easy to use and does not require you to be a programmer for common integrations. For more complex integrations, webCRM are here to help
  • Powerful – completely customisable to provide bespoke integrations
  • Eliminates rekeying – Automate data input from applications into webCRM
  • Efficiency – make your business more efficient by having crucial business information available for webCRM users
  • Prevent mistakes – eliminate human errors that cause expensive mistakes
  • Save time and money - save hours of time and money, and receive a positive return on investment
  • Automation - achieve complete automation of your business processes
  • Improved customer service – improve your customer service by providing more accurate information and providing it faster






Available in:



  • Zynk subscription
  • Quickbooks subscription

Learn more about Quickbooks:


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