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Increase your sales and customer knowledge with Lasso X.



Get deeper customer insight with intelligent market data directly into your webCRM. The integration with the Lasso X is a handy tool for the Key Account manager, where the customer knowledge can make all the difference for your sale.

This is what you can do with the integration of Lasso X

Find companies based on your own search criteria

In Lasso's target group search you are searching in real time among the 790,000 active Danish companies in the CVR register.

You can search over 60 different criteria, including:

  • Master data (company type, geography, number of employees, industry etc.)
  • Financial ratios (equity, turnover, liquid assets etc.)
  • Detailed information such as number of board members, latest business change or going concern in recent accounts.

Send leads to webCRM and keep your customer data up to date

Once you have found a target group (eg all carpentry companies on Zealand), you can export them to your webCRM solution. You decide for yourself which company data will be transferred from LassoX to webCRM and which ones will be kept up to date.

You can also choose whether you want to create the company's board and management members as contacts in webCRM.

With your data up to date, you are always sure that the address in the CRM system is correct and that you have the latest key figures on your customers.

Once you have found an interesting segment and transferred it from LassoX to webCRM, you can monitor the segment and automatically transfer new companies to webCRM if, for example, new carpentry companies open in Zealand or if there are companies that change industry or geography, then They fit your criteria.

Get insight into companies and people in business

With LassoX you can also search for individual companies and get an in-depth insight into these data:

  • Who are the people behind the company?
  • How has the company evolved over time?
  • How do their finances look?
  • Are there any special observations you should relate to before any cooperation?

If you find an interesting company, you can transfer it to your webCRM and you can find twins for your existing customers and transfer them.

Monitor your market and the development of your customers

In addition to always having updated data in your webCRM system, you can be notified at the moment of changes to the CVR registry data about your customers, competitors or other interesting companies.

Then you are the first to know if your customer changes CEO, gets new owners, provides new accounts or changes status. In addition, you can also subscribe to Ritzau's press releases on interesting news.

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