Mondago: Computer Telephony and CRM Integration

We have partnered with computer telephony software company, Mondago, to provide a powerful integration between telephony set ups and webCRM.

The integration that has been developed is designed to increase efficiency and streamline processes within businesses, by bringing together webCRM and telephony. 

What functionality does the integration have?

  • Click-to-dial – Eliminate manual dialling and save your sales and customer service teams hours by giving them the ability to call prospects and clients with one click
  • Preview pop – Prepare your teams better for incoming calls by getting a pop up overview of the details of the caller. This also gives you ability to click on to their Organisation page with one click, accessing account information instantly
  • Call stamps – See where resource is being utilised across your client and prospect base by getting an automated log of the times and durations of incoming and outgoing calls and who handled the calls.




Available in:



  • Mondago-subscription

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