Integrate webCRM and e-conomic, and eliminate the need for double entries

With the integration between webCRM and e-conomic, you get the best of both worlds in one solution.

The integration allows you to import debtors and invoice data on current orders with item lines from e-conomic into webCRM.

You can also create your product item lines in e-conomic and easily transfer them to webCRM. Then you can create your quote in webCRM based on these product item lines in the exact format you wish.

Once the customer accepts your quote, you can transfer the customer to e-conomic as a debtor at the click of a button. At the same time, your quote will be sent to e-conomic as an invoice draft, making it easy for you to invoice your customer.

You can now use webCRM to see a list of, say, key accounts who bought a certain product within a certain time span.

This creates an excellent overview for everyone working with webCRM or e-conomic on a daily basis.

And you eliminate the need for double entries of data along with the risk of errors that such a process entails.




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