webCRM Days 7/10 2021


Strategic segmentation: strenghthen your sales and customer relations

in Copenhagen and online


What can you experience at webCRM Days 7 october 2021?


12:45-13:00: Check-in 

13:00-13:20: Welcome and the future of webCRM with Cédric Pierrard and Christine Kayser

13:20-13:40: Meet APSIS, the newest member of the Efficy group

13:45-14:05: KEY NOTE: Christian Schönström-Lund - strategic sales and segmentation

14:10-14:30: The future of intelligent customer segmentation with Mikko Honkanen and Thomas Pierog

14:30-15:00: Meet our consultants and supporters in the foyer or online

15:00-15:30: CUSTOMER CASE: Niels Holme from Mosano and Ektos

15:35-16:00: Thomas Pierog & Christine Kayser: Project WOW

16:00-17:00: Meet the webCRM team and other webCRM customers while you enjoy a drink in the foyer




Nadia host webCRM Days

HOST: Nadia Vestergaard Jenayah. 

Support officer at webCRM and creator of a lot of our instruction content. Nadia will take us through an afternoon of interesting talks with her infectious smile and large knowledge of webCRM. 


Who can you meet at webCRM Days 2021?

Speaker 1

SPEAKER: Christian Schönström-Lund. 

Specializes in strategic sales consultancy. External lecturer, Copenhagen Business School. 

SPEAKER: Mikko Honkanen 

Co-founder of Vainu, the leading company data provider in Europe. Mikko is a true visionary and has really found a new way to approach company data with the Vainu algorithm. Mikko will join us online, remember you can too!

CASE: Ektos and Mosano 

Segmentation that strengthens sales and gives value to the business.

For Danish electronic provider Ektos, it is a goal to segment its customers on several parameters. Together with Niels Holme from Mosano, Ektos have been on a journey to optimize sales processes and increase the use of webCRM. Meet Niels Holme from Mosano and Jesper Holst, Co-Founder and CEO of Ektos at their live customer case.


Cedric CEO

SPEAKER: Cédric Pierrard 

CEO. Cédric will share his vision for the Efficy group and for the webCRM product. Along with Christine Kayser he will share what it means to become #EuropeanCRMChampion. 

SPEAKER: Thomas Pierog 

webCRM's own Product Owner will introduce the biggest project in webCRM ever - Project WOW. He will also join Mikko Honkanen from Vainu and talk about what Scandinavia's most innovative company data platform and webCRM can do for your business. 


The newest member of the Efficy-group is Swedish marketing automation champion Apsis. They will join the webCRM Days to share some of their extensive knowledge on customer targeting and segmentation. 


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     webCRM: A part of Efficy 

Meet our CEO Cédric Pierrard as he and CXO Christine Keyser presents the new possibilities for webCRM as a part of the Efficy group. 

     Meet the support officers: 

Our support team is growing and has become an independent department. Our support officers will be present to answer your questions and tell you more about the projects they are working on, to give you a better webCRM experience.

     Project WOW: 

Throughout 2021 we have presented the first completed steps of Project WOW for you and it is already in use in your webCRM-systems. Join our Product Owner Thomas on the Project WOW journey and hear him explain some of the thoughts behind the project and see what you can expect next!

     Integration updates: 

We have been focusing on giving our integrations an overhaul this year and we are looking forward to showing you new ways in which you can use your webCRM-system.

     Digitalising sales: 

Be inspired and rethink the way you are using webCRM as a sales and marketing tool. There are endless possibilities and surely a mix of functions and integrations that will fit your need and help you to deeper customer engagement.

     A chance to network: 

Meet all of the webCRM staff that you have been emailing and network with other users at our offices in Copenhagen. We cannot wait to see you!