Case studies

Growing in an ultra competitive market using CRM

Lily is a business that provides businesses with phone systems and communications systems based in Leeds. They provide services for such names as Specsavers, Citroen, and even the NHS. Five years ago they were a company worth £1 million, and now they’re worth over £5 million. During this time they’ve gone from 12 employees to over 70. That’s highly impressive considering the marketplace they work in is ultra-competitive. So how has a company achieved such fantastic growth in such a short period of time?


From spreadsheet chaos to consolidated data

In the past, Lily stored all of their data on numerous spreadsheets. The more the company grew the less feasible that became. They needed a way to centralise their data so it could work for them as smartly and efficiently as possible. They needed a CRM system.

James Waplington told us ‘We trialled quite a few systems and WebCRM was far and above the best option for our business. We have been using WebCRM now for about four years and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as a business’.


Making every call a value add

webCRM has helped take Lily to the next level when it comes to sales. Both in their performance and ability to manage them. The system keeps all leads in one convenient location, with each potential client having up to date information regarding their status, and who has had what interactions with them.

Thanks to webCRMs ability to store all of this information in one place, Lily are also able to revisit old leads who weren’t the right fit at the time, certain information is retained, allowing Lily to make sure they get back in touch with any potential customers who weren’t quite ready for their services previously. In addition to this, webCRM allows them to schedule this and all other calls so the customer gets contacted when they expect it.

Existing customers also benefit. Lily are able to see when contracts are coming up, or if a client said they may be interested in an additional service further down the line. Having all of this information stored in one place allows them to pre-emptively contact their customers and deliver excellent customer service.


Organisation and Efficiency = Results

Thanks to the flexibility of webCRM the system has been tailored exactly to Lily needs, as it is for all of our customers. Using webCRM, Lily Comms are able to deliver email and telemarketing campaigns that are targeted to specific parameters. Gone are the spreadsheets of the past, with all of their data now in one location, and new information is easily imported onto the system as and when it comes in, so their campaigns are easy to set up using localised data.

From that position, it is then easy for Lily to use the reporting function in webCRM to collate sales data and look closely at each aspect of their campaigns and data in order to see what worked best – and ensure their next campaign is even more successful.

Together with webCRM, Lily have continued to break down barriers. Now housed in a £1 million building, and winning over 26 awards in different areas over the last five years, Lily are in the top 5% of growth companies in the UK. They are a perfect example of how when paired with hard work and innovative thinking, webCRM can help take your business to the next level.

James Waplington says ‘webCRM has been integral to our success and I can’t recommend it highly enough to any business looking at implementing a new CRM system.”