Project plan

Get an overview with a project plan

It is key to the success of a project that you have a good project plan. It may take time to develop a good project plan, but it is worth putting in the necessary hours of work because a good project plan can ultimately lead to savings both financially and temporally. A project plan is an operational management tool that helps you and your employees to execute the project in a sound manner.

With a good project plan, there are many things that must be identified to make the subsequent work easier and more focused. Firstly, it is important to define project goals, so you know what you and your team are working towards from the start. Another essential point is to make a project schedule with milestones for when the individual parts of the project must be completed. At the same time, it is also crucial to assess how many resources and costs each project entails so you can set the right priorities.

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Once you have made the project plan and the project has started, it is also important to continuously make follow-ups and ensure that progress is being made. If necessary, regular adjustments can be made to the plan, so it is continually directed towards your goal.

So, there are many elements that must be in place so that you have a good project plan that can help you focus on your goal as you work. With a CRM system that contains all your customer data and is integrated with your financial management system, it becomes much easier for you to find the information needed to make a detailed project plan.


webCRM helps you make the right project plan

At webCRM, we have a CRM system with a wide range of features that you can easily customise to your company so that you can make the right project plan, whether it is a plan for a sales process or a campaign targeted at specific customers. When you need to identify the different stakeholders in a project, you can use your customer files and customer data to get an overview quickly and to make sure that all the relevant information is in one place, so you are sure that your project is targeted correctly.

You can also get an overview of which resources would be the right ones to use for each project with webCRM. You have an excellent opportunity to carry out data analysis with webCRM, for instance, you can get an overview of whether there are salespeople who are performing particularly well in a specific industry, and it is therefore these employees who should work on the project.


Regular follow-up with webCRM

When a good project plan has been developed, and it is time to get started with the actual sales or marketing work, webCRM is also a great help when it comes to keeping track of how the project is continuously progressing. When you have completed a schedule that the project must follow, you can write in all the vital deadlines, meetings and other milestones in webCRM, which then notifies you when it is time to contact a customer, or a deadline is looming to complete a newsletter or an e-mail. With the activity log in webCRM, you can also continually stay updated on how far the other participants in the project are, and so you avoid duplicating work when you can constantly keep each other informed about the process.

When it’s time to evaluate the project plan and project, webCRM also plays a central role. With webCRM you get a tool with the right features to analyse selected data and quickly create reports, which can be used in situations such as at sales meetings. Therefore, you can quickly get an idea of whether the project is progressing as it should and whether you are achieving the results. When it’s time to present the results and progress, you can use webCRM to make graphs and dashboards that can easily be used to visualise your results.