Do your newsletters work – and are you on top of the follow-up?


The integration between webCRM and Mailjet makes your email marketing measurable and helps you sell more.

Integration with Mailjet offers you four distinct advantages that make your newsletter more effective. From the planning of targeted programmes to the measurement of completed campaigns. You are provided with evidence of what works: Who opens your emails and what links do they click?

Mailjet is one of the world's strongest e-mail servers with the industry's highest reliability in delivery, ensuring that your mail reaches the recipient's inbox. Integration with webCRM allows you to compare programmes and see which newsletters and opportunities interest your customers.

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Mailjet is free in all webCRM packages and can be turned on under

"Configuration">"Main settings">"E-mail"

The integration gives you four very specific benefits:

Automatic handling of hard bounces

Mailjet automatically detects "hard bounces"/bounced emails and updates the customer card.


High reliability in delivery

Mailjet is one of the world's strongest e-mail servers with the industry's highest reliability in delivery. Your publications therefore end up in your customers’ inboxes and not in their spam filters.

Planning of newsletter publications 

You can select the time of publication for your future mass mailings – both via email and SMS. That means you can send out mails on weekends, during holidays or when the company is attending a course.

Convert clicks to sales with advanced tracking

All clicks in your newsletter are automatically recorded and can be seen in the "Email event log". You can then link activities and allocate them among your salespeople, who can follow up by mail or phone, whichever they prefer. And of course, as a salesperson, you can see exactly what your customer clicked, as it appears from the customer card. That means that the tracking allows you to easily convert your newsletter into sales.

In addition, Plus and Enterprise users have access to extended statistics and graphical dashboards.

 Free for all webCRM users


Mailjet integration is free for all users. Access to the graphic Mailjet dashboard is only available through the Plus and Enterprise packages.

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