Lead generation with Leadfeeder

Lead generation is an important part of any organisation’s work in finding new customers. A lead provides essential information about potential customers who are interested in your company. Therefore, it is useful to have the right tools to help your company get new leads that will hopefully also lead to more customers. 

With webCRM you get a CRM system that follows a sale from start to finish. The first step in sales work is lead generation, and here webCRM can help to set you on the right path in many different ways. webCRM can, among other things, help you to get leads by monitoring visitors on your website. 

Normally, few visitors to your website end up making contact with your company, so you can integrate the Leadfeeder analysis tool in webCRM. When Leadfeeder is integrated, it gives your company the option to make contact with visitors on your website. Leadfeeder works by collecting information about the visitors on your webpage and sends the names of the interested companies to your sales team. Together with the companies, the sales team also receive information about which subpages have been visited, and whether certain keywords have been used. It creates a good basis for the sales team’s future work.

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Keep in touch with webCRM

It is not only through Leadfeeder that you can create lead generation with webCRM. With webCRM, it is also easier for you to keep in touch with customers through your website. webCRM makes it possible for your company to handle people subscribing and unsubscribing to newsletters and to get the updated information directly to the customer files in the system. webCRM can also handle registrations for events, brochure orders and much more - everything you need as a company to make sales work and marketing as easy as possible.  

When your company contacts potential or current customers, it is an important factor that the contact is professional and focused, so that customers feel that the focus is on their needs and interests. You can send targeted e-mails and newsletters with webCRM from customer files so that only the relevant information is sent out to customers. The system also allows you to segment e-mails, for example; customers who need to renew their contract within six months receive a follow-up e-mail, so the subsequent contact with the customer becomes more targeted and relevant. 

When you need to send targeted newsletters or e-mails to your different customer groups, webCRM gives you the option to design PDF files and e-mail templates with merge fields, giving you a professional and uniform look. With webCRM you not only have the option for targeted lead generation, but you also get a great tool for nurturing leads, so you can take good care of your loyal customers.


Take care of your customers

It can take a lot of work and require many resources to create new leads and gain new customers. Therefore, it is important to get the most out of existing customers and focus on additional sales. You can do this, for instance, by having good relationships with your customers. With webCRM you get a system that makes it easy for you to give your customers the necessary attention at the right time so that they feel valued, and good customers deserve attention because a good customer relationship is a long-term investment for your company. 

webCRM makes it easy for you to follow-up on new customers during a busy day. With webCRM you can, for example, put the dates that need following up in the system so you know when it’s time to make a follow-up call to secure additional sales. The system can, for instance, make a list of all the customers in an upcoming period who must renew or replace an old product, so you can quickly make a call list. This makes it easy to contact customers at the right time, so there are no other suppliers who can contact them before you do. webCRM can do so much more than just create leads. When the system is used properly, webCRM can also help with additional sales, to nurture your customer relationships and give you important information about customer patterns that can protect you from losing a dissatisfied customer.