Eliminate duplication


A CRM system is most valuable when it gives your sales team quick access to all relevant information. Therefore, webCRM is built to work closely with e.g. your accounting software (ERP) and market databases such as Bisnode. Jumping back and forth between multiple systems is a waste of resources. So is having to update several systems with the same information. 

Integration with ERP systems pays off

You can integrate webCRM effortlessly with e.g Reviso, C5 or NAV. This provides the sales team with a better overview, for instance allowing them to monitor the payment of invoices, put together opportunities with the correct item numbers, prices and according to actual current stock. The accounting department will eliminate a lot of typing. That is because integration with webCRM means that the order information is synchronised with the ERP system.

New contacts at your fingertips

webCRM makes it possible to integrate the Bisnode market database. That makes the hunt for new leads more efficient. For example, you can use knowledge of your existing clients to find new leads with the same profile. Bisnode can also help you ensure that information on new customers is accurate and complete. When market data is integrated with webCRM, this only takes a few clicks.

Get leads from everyone who visits your website

Only few of the visitors to your site end up contacting you. If you integrate Leadfeeder, you can contact them. This intelligent software gathers information about the visitors. Your sales team will not just receive the names of the companies which have shown interest. You will also get knowledge about which sub-pages they visited and which keywords led them to your website in particular.


The collaboration with Mailjet offers you distinct advantages that make your newsletter more effective. From the planning of targeted programmes to the measurement of completed campaigns. This knowledge provides you with a strong base for follow-ups.

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