Case studies

There is a clear ”before and after” with our CRM-solution

Membership numbers are up, customer service is improved, and internal resources are utilized much better since IT-Branchen, a Danish IT trade organization, implemented webCRM. 

When Secretary Director Bjørn Borre opens his laptop at the office in the old Copenhagen Stock Exchange, there is one application, beside e-mail, that is always open and active.

“webCRM has helped us a lot during a time period where much has happened in our industry. We see a clear correlation between our business development and the structure that the CRM-system provides us. All our employees use it on a daily basis, and there is a clear “before and after” as far as the implementation of webCRM goes” says Bjørn Borre.


Simple system with great effects

The IT Trade Organization implemented the solution in 2016 to support its business development: IT-Branchen provides council and arranges meeting, seminars, events etc. for its members. 

Apart from being “Simple to set up, user friendly and easy to scale up and down according to needs” webCRM has, according to Borre, played a vital role in increasing the organisation’s membership count by 65% percent reaching 600 companies by early 2018. 

“The CRM-system structures all relevant information about our customers and business partners. Instead of having information in separate silos - or worse, purely in the minds our employees – as we sometimes had earlier, information is now accessible to everyone. Everyone can follow each other’s contacts and activities. What this means is: we overlap less, we use our own resources better and we are able to provide far better customer service” says Bjørn Borre.


Strategic and systematic customer contact 

He explains further that the solution provides an overview of the customers’ activity levels. It shows, among other things, whether customers read the organisation’s newsletters, take advantage of membership offers and/or participate in events. Cobbled with a data-analytical approach, this information enables you to see patterns for success and failure – and intervene where the effect will be greatest. 

“It gives us an important understanding of what we need to do – and what not to do – as an organization. We can systemically follow up with each customer and we are able to reach many more of members than before. Today, we have many more active members, and much fewer that leave us, than before when our business insights were more fragmented and random” Borre explains. 


Ready for the legislation on personal data (GDPR)

He emphasizes how webCRM is easy to integrate with other software solutions and rejoices over the solution’s ability to support the new EU legislation on the treatment of personal data. 

”The system makes it easier to register data in a structured manner. It means that we are better prepared if a customer approaches us and asks to have their data deleted or extracted from the system” Borre elaborates and adds:

“So apart from supporting the needs our organization, the solution has the added bonus of making the work burden lighter for us”.