Case studies

A good tailor makes webCRM match any business

webCRM is not just user-friendly to the individual user. The flexible system also makes it possible for IT suppliers to build upon the features of webCRM and create a customised solution which covers special needs. Building upon a widespread and recognised CRM platform gives both parties peace of mind. When EstatePartner needed a new CRM system, they chose webCRM with a comprehensive implementation by Clever Choice.

New clients and projects place ever-increasing demands on EstatePartner’s administration and internal processes. The influx of clients now also challenges the scope of the CRM system. In short, it is about making the most of sales and marketing resources. All the data generated by the influx places demands on the CRM system's ability to reflect the customer-oriented business strategy.


Business understanding and the right values

EstatePartner’s Sales Director, Niclas Adelsparre, says: "The technology itself is not important – I was just about to say that anyone could supply that. No, the people behind the implementation are what is crucial. If they understand the business, you are well on the road to success already," says Niclas Adelsparre and continues: "Clever Choice has that understanding. And they approached the task with a set of values which I appreciated."

CRM delivers results for both clients and employees

Yes, it is a lot of work to put all the data into the system. However, once that is done, the stage is set for an easier administration and the allocation of more power to what it is really all about – increasing client satisfaction.

"There is no doubt that this new solution will make our services more attractive. Our clients will be able to go to the website and immediately access all relevant information in relation to their own investments and activities. Questions can be asked, investments simulated, profiles updated and much more," says Niclas Adelsparre.


A good tailor makes CRM match the business

There are many CRM solutions on the market. For EstatePartner, an effective CRM system means one which reflects the company's strategy and values such as trust, presence and the ability to provide the firm’s clients with proactive advice.

"So, it goes without saying that we needed a customised solution. webCRM and Clever Choice understood that, when they teamed up to deliver the solution. And that is why we turned down suppliers offering a one-size-fits-all solution," Niclas Adelsparre explains.

Niclas Adelsparre’s opinion on what characterises an effective CRM system carries a certain weight. Niclas' experience with CRM goes back to 2001 when, in the role of Sales Manager at NESA with more than 70,000 business customers, he turned the electricity market upside down by being the first company in the energy sector to successfully implement a CRM system. "That journey taught me the importance of establishing an effective CRM strategy – and following it," says Niclas Adelsparre.


About EstatePartner
EstatePartner A/S offers property and alternative energy projects, such as German solar farms in limited partnerships, limited companies and the administration of these. Since the establishment in the spring of 2006, EstatePartner A/S has mediated properties in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany and, since 2009, a large number of German solar power plants in the alternative energy market.


About Clever Choice
At Clever Choice, they see great potential in CRM for most businesses. To Clever Choice, CRM is much more than a system, and much more than just keeping track of customers and the activities of sales staff. The company's philosophy is that, as a discipline, CRM adds value when the customer is at the centre, and the point of departure is each company's strategy, needs and circumstances. Amongst other things, CRM supports focusing on winning new market shares and increasing turnover without a corresponding increase in costs.