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Create the perfect overview of your customer database

As a sales team, it is vital to have an efficient customer database, where you always have the right information about customers at your fingertips when you need to make an important call or follow-up on previous sales. With the correct and updated information you can be sure that you are well-prepared for a conversation with a customer, so the customer goes away from the meeting or phone call with a positive experience. The major advantage of a CRM system for your sales team is that you can collect all the relevant customer data in a place where it is always easy to access, and where it is always quick to find the latest information about a customer or customer group. You get the perfect overview of your customer database with a CRM system so you can always be well prepared when you need to contact new or old customers.

At webCRM, you get a CRM system that is created by experienced salespeople, and therefore you get a system in which all features are customised to daily life in a sales team. This means that you can easily customise the system, so you avoid unneeded fields and unnecessary features. webCRM helps with the practical tasks in your sales team, so you do not have to do them. webCRM can keep track of daily tasks, remember to follow-up, compile call lists and much more. Therefore, we are confident that our CRM system is the right choice for your sales team.

Keep the entire sales team updated at the same time

Once you have recorded all customer information in webCRM, this is where you have your entire customer database. It gives you the unique option to systematise your customer database with all relevant information. One of the great advantages of having a comprehensive customer database in a CRM system is that it allows you and your sales team to always be fully updated about each customer because all the sales team can access customers at the same time. This makes it easy to share important information, whether it is about contact information, deadlines, meetings, contracts, future activities or closing sales.

Through the activity log in webCRM, all employees in the sales team can, for example, easily make a note if they have had a conversation with a customer and what was said. This means that you can avoid unnecessary duplication, and it also ensures that two salespeople do not contact a customer shortly after each other for the same purpose. At the same time, you are also sure that you can talk to the customer about the latest decisions and the latest developments when you make contact. That way the customer can go away from every meeting and phone call with a good experience, and it helps to create strong customer relationships.


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Many options with the customer database in webCRM

In addition to that, it makes it easy for you and your sales team to always have an overview of the company’s customers in a customer database, where you can easily share information and knowledge, so webCRM also gives you a lot of other options that make it even easier for you to make contact with the right customers. With webCRM you can, for example, send text messages and call customers using internet telephony directly through the customer file. Most Internet phone systems can be integrated with webCRM, and it gives your sales team a lot of advantages. When a customer calls, webCRM can, for example, recognise the phone number and then with a single click you can have the customer file ready on the screen. This means you are quickly updated on the customer’s case. Likewise, it is also possible to call a customer with a single click if you want to. webCRM can also send text messages to a customer or an entire segment of recipients, who can benefit from the same information or message.

In webCRM you can also record personal relationships in customer files. If a prospective customer already knows your company or one of your colleagues, it is important that it is on the customer file to keep track of all relationships in the sales team. webCRM helps with this. At the same time, it can also be useful for your sales team to have information about the customer’s network, for example, if a customer has directorships in several companies. With webCRM you have the option of utilising all the information that is in your customer database to the fullest, and it is an essential part of good sales work.