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James Bogue is a business specialist , and makes CRM work for clients so they grow and prosper. He has won a number of awards in his career, and James was proud to collect the award on behalf of webCRM for CRM product of the year at the 2017 Network Computing awards. If he is not busy providing great customer service, he can usually be found enjoying a round of golf or cheering on his favourite football team, Nottingham Forest.

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James Bogue

Business Solutions Director

James has 15 years of successful experience in marketing in across a range of industries including education, events, ecommerce, communications and I.T. and now CRM. He has won multiple awards for his work and enjoys working on both the creative and analyses sides of marketing equally. Outside of webCRM He is passionate about writing scripts, running marathons & Liverpool FC.

James Waplington

Marketing Director


Jørgen takes pride in working with enthusiastic and inspiring people, and his ambition is to help create value for both large and small companies. When Jørgen relaxes, he is happiest with a golf club in his hand and when travelling – preferably both together. Jørgen is the founder of webCRM. He is a civil engineer and holds a diploma in foreign trade.

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Jørgen Rode

CEO & Founder

Dorte has a wonderful personality and a contagious spirit, and on Facebook, we get significantly more ‘likes’ when we tag Dorte in our posts. Dorte worked in sales and CRM in industries such as paper and foodstuffs and supplied solutions for mail management and digital communication. Along with Rune, she holds the fort at the office in Fredericia.

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Dorte Halbbauer

Account Manager

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Mogens Them Nielsen

Customer Success Manager

Diana has an interest in technical nerdiness, and she always has the latest thing in running and gadgets – before others have even heard about it. Diana has several years of experience in sales and customer care. She meets all customers, large and small, on equal terms and provides an unfaltering, eminent service. Diana also helps out with accounting, so she truly does a bit of everything.

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Diana Marker

Customer Success Operator

Michel Sandstød

Accounting Responsible

Rune has a really good feel for the intersection between business and IT. He started his career in our Copenhagen office, but has since returned to the soil of Jutland, and now partners Dorte at the Jutland office. Rune studied at Aarhus University from where he holds a Bachelor of Humanistic Information Science and a Master’s in IT, Communication and Organisation.

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Rune Mygind Johansen

CRM Consultant

In addition to being a razor-sharp consultant with attention to detail, Nanna is the kind who loves to organise and plan social events and parties. Nanna brings several years of experience as a marketing coordinator and project consultant to our team. In terms of education, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration as well as a Master’s in Financial Marketing from Copenhagen Business School.

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Nanna Berg Rust

CRM Consultant

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Christian E. H. Madsen

CRM Consultant

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Michael Schartau Brandt

CRM Consultant

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Amanda Jeppesen

CRM Consultant

Michael Lang Pedersen


Maja is detail-oriented and a good mix of technical geek and outgoing communicator. She knows our product in depth and can handle everything from strategy to support. Don’t be misled by Maja’s gentle exterior! She is a former elite boxer and braver than most. Maja is an Aalborg University graduate with a BA in Humanistic Informatics and a Master’s degree in Information Science.

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Maja Gierringe

HR Manager

Christine is both service-minded and incredibly efficient. She has in-depth product knowledge and is also jointly responsible for product development with Thomas. Christine is always ready for a party and is absolutely unbeatable in table tennis. Christine Kayser has an engineering background with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning from Aalborg University.

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Christine Kayser


Thomas is webCRM’s humanistic IT geek. He combines communication with user experience and IT nerdiness, and with his thorough product knowledge, Thomas is also responsible for webCRM’s training. When Thomas is not in his work clothes, he is an expert in discovering the nicest places for Copenhagen nightlife. Thomas has a BA in Humanistic Informatics from Aalborg University and a Master’s in IT and Games Design from the IT University.

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Thomas Pierog

Product Owner

Morten Bloch Lemvigh

Senior System Developer

Sean D'Arcy

Junior Devoloper

Marc Bell Belardo

Lead Generation Specialist

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Thomas Steen Larsen

Account Manager

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Brian Borre

Account manager

Ellen Glennung

Content Manager


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Andreas Lundmark

Country Manager

Pelle’s reflective and analytical nature makes him always see alternative angles – that is, when he is not busy getting his papers published in the Medical Teacher and other academic journals. Pelle primarily deals with our Swedish and Norwegian customers. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioural Science and a Master’s in Sociology from the University of Lund, and is thus well equipped to identify with the needs and challenges of customers.

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Pelle Kihlgren

CRM Consultant

Susan have worked with many different companies both as an employee and through her own companies. Entreprenuership, development, sales and costumer relations are important to her. When she is not working she runs the halfmarathon in different part in the world and she also like to play Padel.

Susan Persson

Sales Manager

Our team across Europe

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Nuno Cabrita

Country Manager Portugal

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Erik Sagen

Country Manager Norway

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Benny Mikaelsen

CRM Consultant Norway

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Otto Lanjouw

Country Manager Netherlands

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Marco Luijkx

CRM Consultant Netherlands

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Juhani Lamminmäki

Business CRM Advisor Finland

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Dinna Sinkkonen

CRM Consultant Finland

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Leif Oestenkaer

Country Manager Germany

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Ronny Netzel

Project Manager Germany

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Jacob Nielsen

Country Manager Spain

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Michel Monserrat

Project Manager Spain