Sales management

Your best customers are the ones you already have

Acquiring new customers is hard work. Therefore, it is important to make the most of the existing ones. webCRM can help organise the process, ensuring that your focus on leads and newbizz never overshadows upselling and building long-term relationships. 

What happens to your business when you get a new, large customer? Besides it being celebrated in style, of course. Do you make a plan for retention? Or are you already focusing on the next sale? In webCRM, you can set dates for the first follow-ups in the system, as soon as the customer has been brought aboard. That way, you can ensure that first love develops into a long, profitable relationship.

Intelligent upselling

webCRM makes it easy to work follow-ups and upselling into the daily routines. You might be doing a run-through of all customers with products purchased more than 3 years ago which therefore need replacing soon. This way, you ensure that you come into play for new orders before other vendors come knocking. But that is just one of the many ways it is possible to create intelligent upselling using data from your CRM system.

Good customers deserve attention

It is not always about immediate sales. A good customer relationship is a long-term investment. webCRM can help you remember the recurring “how's it going” calls. When your marketing team hosts professional events, information in webCRM ensures that the right leads are invited and thus get the attention that both new and good old customers deserve. 

Let the warning lights flash in time

webCRM can also help you prevent customer losses. Historical data can teach you a lot about the behaviour a customer typically exhibits before leaving you.  Do an unusually high number of support cases predict that a customer is likely to slip away? Or should you always respond when the newsletter is unsubscribed from? Can a marked decline in purchases of consumables provide an indication? Or should you be particularly vigilant a new contact person is chosen by the client? Support, marketing and finance departments hold data on these factors. webCRM can compile them to ensure that customer management is notified and can act in time.

Everything which comes after canvassing

Thus, webCRM cannot just help provide new leads for canvassing. If used correctly, a CRM system is just as helpful in upselling, managing relationships and saving dissatisfied customers from getting into the hands of your competitors. webCRM helps you show how much you value your customers. Because who does not love the people who gets you turnover and ensures profits for continued growth?